Welcoming the last month of the ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds’

As we bring in a new month, the last of the ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds’, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announced another Global Day of Prayer. This will be taking place from Friday, December 2nd through to Saturday, December 3rd.

Our Man of God announced a special 4-day Global Prayer and Fasting beginning December 1st to December 4th. “We create our world and others live in our world. That is what is written for us,” he told the global audience when he made the announcement.

“Prayer is not man’s idea but God’s idea and the reason he wants us to pray is because He wants to answer” – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Prepare yourself for the Global Day of Prayer, Global Communion Service

The Global Day of Prayer will be the 12th edition since its inception, we use these remarkable days to change the effects of the world, with remarkable results.

Pastor Chris reminds us that we are going to utter words into the realm of the Spirit to change Nations and situations around the world. This is the time to get everyone involved, reach out to those you have contact with, and enlist them to participate in this life-changing meeting to round up 2022 and usher in a glorious 2023.

The Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris will show on all Loveworld Network stations, all Christ Embassy websites, and on several Social Media platforms.

Sunday the 4th of December will also be the Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris when he will reveal the word of the month. Last year, like in previous years, he named December the ‘Month of Thanksgiving’.

He announced that: “December is one of those months where you do not really need to ask, ‘What is the message of the month?’ because it is the Month of Thanksgiving.”

“As I was reflecting on these thoughts and what is on the mind of the Father in respect to this message of thanksgiving this month, I was drawn to the first psalm of David, the man of God. When you look at that psalm… He constantly tells us to give thanks to God and to give Him glory and reminds of us what the Lord has done,” the Christ Embassy president went on to explain.

He then urged the saints to be full of thanksgiving as he explained why the word of the month remains the customary theme for every December in the LoveWorld nation.

“The church of Jesus Christ is given authority in this age to glorify God through Jesus Christ, and for this, we must be thankful,” the man of God highlighted.

We bid farewell to the ‘Month of Insight’

November was the ‘Month of Insight’ for the Christ Embassy Church.

”This month, the Spirit of God is going to lead you in a very special way, you’re going to have insight like you never had before, you’re going to see the deep things of God like you never knew before,” Pastor Chris told the nations of the world at the November Global Communion Service.

There are many more exciting events coming up to end our ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds’, the 7th of December our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be celebrating his 59th birthday. Of course, this is just in the first week of December. Watch this space for an eventful month ahead.

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