The Climax of the LIMA Awards 2022

Once again it was that special time of the year when Pastor Chris Oyakhilome acknowledges the huge talent in the LoveWorld community, with the LoveWorld International Music and Arts Award (LIMA) 2022. This year the ceremony took place on Sunday the 27th of November and was broadcast live all over the world.

The Loveworld President gave his opening address commending the Loveworld Singers and creatives in the Loveworld Nation for a great job done in the ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds’. He stated that over 200 songs made the list of Best Songs this year, but the bar was high in order to reduce the list to be called and recognized tonight.

It was an extraordinary night to remember with spectacular dancers, glorious ministrations in song, musical performances, and overall excitement.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had several awards to hand out, but addressed the audience beforehand, saying:

“This is where it makes a huge difference for which we are thankful, and we have the opportunity to give the kind of songs that God really wants from his Word to the saints of God around the world. Especially in these times, to change the course of saints, the course of Christian worship, knowing that if we can change that as the Lord wants us to and as we have begun to do, then so much more would take place for the glory of God.”

“Tonight, we are so grateful that the Lord has graciously given us so many of our brothers and sisters who work hard every day to make this dream come true. We have used their songs, we have enjoyed their music.”

“We have used their songs, we have enjoyed their music,” Pastor Chris said of the talented artists at the LIMA 2022 Awards.

Here is a list of some of the LIMA 2022 winners

Hit Song of the Year 2022: Evang. Kathy and Maya who worked together to produce it – Alabaster Box

Psalmist of the Year (Senior Category): Mercy Tshiamo

Senior Music Coordinator of the Year Award 2022: PeeYuu

Theme Song of the Year Award with ‘Reach out World’: Loveworld Singers, South Africa

Best Dance Act of the Year (Junior Category): InnerCity Mission’s Kids Dance Group

Dance Group of the Year 2022 (Senior Category): God’s Creed

Musical Outreach Group of the Year, 2022: Testimony Jaga

Overall Song of the Year 2022: Evang. Kathy’s ‘Awesome Majesty’

Spirit Lifting Song of the Year: ‘Awesome Majesty’ written by Evangelist Kathy and led by Korede

Child Artiste of the Year Award 2022: Harmony

Artiste of the Year 2022: Chookar

Male Vocalists of the Year Award 2022: Pastor Saki and Vashaun

Best LIMA Presentation Award, 2022: ‘’We are in Charge’’ by Loveworld Singers, UK

One Song many Blessings

Awesome Majesty’ written by Evang. Kathy Woghiren and led by Korede received the prestigious award for song of the year 2022.

Pastor Chris remarked that the song, which was sung repeatedly across the globe at its release, was the best-ever written song in the year.

“For me, I don’t think I’ve seen a better-written song than this one. The lyrics are exceptional and the singing was full of passion and love, deeply communicated,” the man of God enthused.

An emotional Evang. Kathy who penned down the lyrics to the timeless classic, could not hold back her tears, as she mounted the stage with Korede and an entourage of well-wishers, to receive the prestigious award. This was the climax of the LIMA Awards 2022.

Along with the trophy for the prestigious award are grand cash prizes of $100,000 for the songwriter, $25,000 for the lead singer, and 1 million nairas each for every member of the choir that presented the song.

Hearty congratulations to all the worthy winners of the LIMA 2022 Awards.


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