Welcome to the ‘Month of Insight’ with Pastor Chris

Shouts of joy echoed across the globe last week as the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, declared November to be the ‘Month of Insight‘ at the Global Communion Service on Sunday, November 6th, 2022.

“This month, you’re going to see the deep things of God like you never knew before,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome told the global audience.

In his characteristic in-depth and concise teaching of God’s Word, Pastor Chris read from Isaiah 45:1-3 unveiling God’s plans for His chosen ones. Citing the example of Jesus’ intervention after His disciples had toiled all night fishing yet no catch, Pastor Chris revealed that at the instruction of the master, the disciples had the ‘catch’ of their life because Jesus had insight and knew exactly what should be done.

”This month, the Spirit of God is going to lead you in a very special way, you’re going to have insight like you never had before, you’re going to see the deep things of God like you never knew before,” the man of God prophetically declared to the global congregation.

The Grand IPPC kicks off Again with Pastor Chris

We are gearing up for an action-filled couple of weeks ahead starting with the International Media Connectors’ Conference (IMCC) which kicks off today, Sunday the 13th of November to Tuesday the 15th of November.

This event is happening under the umbrella of the grand IPPC, as well as other sub-conferences including the International Teens Pastors and Leaders’ Conference (ITPLC).  The eye-opening LoveWorld Exhibitions, which sheds light on the global impact of various arms of the ministry and affiliate organizations will be displayed once again at the IPPC. The prestigious LoveWorld Presidential Awards and a rapturous Praise Service with Pastor Chris will bring the entire event to a climactic close. It’s going to be a gear shift for advancement and sublime promotions as the new ministry year begins.

The International Media Connectors Conference is now in its 9th edition and this year promises to be like no other, with so much knowledge in store for the delegates.

The IMCC is the digital component of the International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference (IPPC) and has been gaining an increasing amount of attention in recent years. It is an integral part of the prestigious IPPC annual event, and an invaluable resource to educate participants about the complexities of the digital age.

The conference takes place every year and includes teachings and lectures on how to engage with social media to connect to the world.

One of the aims of the IMMC is the concept of innovation, which is the process of translating an idea or product into a service that produces a monetary value. Christ Embassy has been leading the way with innovative ways to spread the gospel.

The highly anticipated International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC) 2022 with Pastor Chris will be starting on the 14th of November. The week-long iconic event will see delegates from around the world, converge on the Loveworld Crusade Grounds in Nigeria for an exclusive time of refinement, upgrade by the Word, and the celebration of milestones achieved in this ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds’.

The ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds’ was filled with great achievements, worthy of celebrating. A historic 7000 language translation feat for the Rhapsody of Realities, an over 7-billion-reach during the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, a dazzling 25-year anniversary of Pastor Chris on TV, the impact of the 1000 days non-stop Pastor Chris Live Prayer-a-Thon and several other milestones achieved under the leadership of the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

In addition to the teaching of the undiluted Word of God by Pastor Chris and other senior ministers, the conference will also afford the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the astonishing feats in partnership achieved by individuals, groups, Churches, Zones, Regions, and the ministry at large in 2022. With great expectations, several countries are journeying to Nigeria for this revolutionary event.

Pastor Chris also announced that the December 2022 Global Day of Prayer will be held in the first week of December, from Friday the 2nd through Saturday the 3rd of December. The December Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris will then take place on Sunday the 4th of December.

Begin to make preparations now and watch this space for more updates.

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