Pastor Chris Teaches at the Worlds Largest Classroom for Ministers

Every year the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome takes measures to ensure that the ministers of the Gospel are equipped, updated, and prepared to take the message of God far and wide.

This is the purpose of the Global Ministers’ Classroom (GMC) offered through the International School of Ministry (ISM).

Last year saw the largest online ministry classroom ever, the GMC hosted over 78 million ministers of the gospel from well over 239 Nations of the world.

Coming up is the 5th Edition of the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris, which will be another opportunity to increase and receive spiritual training, build capacity and escalate to a higher level of faith in life and ministry, in preparation for the Master’s soon return. Scheduled for the 2nd and 3rd of June from 2:00 pm GMT+1, this is a free, online, 24-hour teaching program. Registration is open, register today.

The program is designed for ministers of the gospel, pastors, evangelists, teachers, apostles, prophets, missionaries, youth ministers, and ministry executives worldwide.

Pastor Chris teaches the Worlds Largest Classroom for ministers.

Previous testimonies pay tribute to the program

Previous editions of the program were so successful as many participants have testified.

Pastor Irina Filiaeva from Kaliningrad City, Russia had this to say: “I want to thank Pastor Chris for the Global Ministers Classroom which I was part of for 24 hours. At this Global Ministers Classroom, I realized that indeed there are many ministers of God all over the world and I was so encouraged.”

Another testimony came from Germany from Pastor Anthonina who said:

“I am so thankful to the Lord and so thankful to the man of God, Pastor Chris for the schooling we just had at the Global Ministers Classroom. During this time, my mentality changed. I know that the Lord has elevated me through”

“I am amazed at how much knowledge I took out of the Global Ministers’ Classroom. It was more than a program to me. Pastor Chris taught us about ministry, he helped us to understand the times we are living in. At the end of each lesson, when the man of God prayed, he declared words, those words were for me.  Those words lifted me, strengthened me, and transformed me. I know that together with Pastor Chris, we will take the seven billion for Christ. I am so thankful to the man of God for the opportunity,” testified Pastor Helena Afelt from Ukraine.

The importance of being a minister of God

There is a huge responsibility to being a minister of the gospel, Pastor Chris talks about being a pastor and the responsibility of being a minister of God, saying: “The porter is not part of the house. He’s the janitor who stands at the gate. These are the pastors. Being a pastor is a weighty responsibility. Your real definition of success is in God’s scorecard.”

He added: “The eye is the light of the body, and we are the eyes of the world, I am the one to watch and see for the world. As a pastor, you must do what the Lord asked you to do, when to do it, and how to do it, according to specification.”

“You must understand the responsibility of the moment.
The Kingdom of heaven operates on earth and is headed by Jesus and to enter into that Kingdom, you must be born again,” he continued to say.

In essence, Pastor Chris admonished that: “There’s a purpose to live for, there’s a life to live, there’s a kingdom delivered to us.”

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