ISM Global Ministers Classroom: A Life-Changing Journey with Pastor Chris

In the ever-evolving landscape of ministry, staying equipped, inspired, and connected is crucial for ministers to navigate the challenges they face and fulfill their divine calling. The International School of Ministry’s (ISM) Global Ministers Classroom (GMC), led by the renowned Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has emerged as a transformative platform where ministers from around the world gather to receive empowering teachings, forge lifelong connections, and experience profound spiritual growth.

Join us this week on Friday, the 2nd of June from 9:00 am (EST) to Saturday, the 3rd of June, as we explore the remarkable journey of the Global Ministers Classroom and the impact of Pastor Chris’ ministry on participants.

The program is online and is free of charge. You can register for the event on the Global Ministers’ Classroom’s website.

ISM Global Ministers Classroom with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a life-transforming journey for millions of Christian leaders.

An Unparalleled Gathering of Ministers and church leaders

The Global Ministers Classroom is a gathering like no other, bringing together ministers, pastors, and leaders from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and denominations. It is a unique opportunity to meet and connect with fellow ministers, share experiences, and foster relationships that transcend geographical boundaries. The power of unity and collaboration becomes evident as ministers exchange ideas, learn from each other, and strengthen the global body of Christ.

This year is the 5th edition of this historic and life-transforming event, and last year saw the participation of 78 million people, making it a record-breaking attendance.

Illuminating Teachings by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

At the heart of the Global Ministers Classroom is the extraordinary ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. With his deep understanding of God’s Word, profound insight, and revelatory teaching style, Pastor Chris imparts wisdom that transcends intellectual knowledge. Through anointed teaching sessions, he delves into various aspects of ministry, including effective leadership, spiritual growth, evangelism, and the supernatural. His teachings provide a solid biblical foundation while equipping ministers with practical tools to impact their congregations and communities.

The Man of God told us at last year’s session: “The Word of God is truth, irrespective of what your experiences might be. Just because it’s been several days or months and there’s still no change as you expect doesn’t mean the Word isn’t working,” he continued to say: “All you need is one Word from God to take you to your next and higher level of operations in your life and ministry.” By attending the highly anticipated ISM Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris, you can achieve this level.

“With the Holy Spirit, you can do anything. If you recognize Him in your life, He’ll tell you what to do. Once the Holy Spirit can work with you, you’ve made it because what the Holy Spirit can teach you in one minute, ten years of study may not give it to you,” Pastor Chris reiterated to the 78 million participants last year.

Empowering Ministers for Impact

The Global Ministers Classroom aims to empower ministers with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in their ministries. Through interactive workshops and practical training sessions, participants gain valuable skills in areas such as counseling, mentoring, church administration, and effective communication. These hands-on experiences equip ministers with a well-rounded approach to ministry, enabling them to address the diverse needs of their congregations and make a lasting impact in their communities.

Many have testified to the growth and improvement of their knowledge and church following.

Pastor Martinis Marinko, from Croatia, testified last year: “I attended GMC 2022 and experienced a tangible increase in the anointing of God’s Spirit in my personal life and Ministry. My church has also experienced increased growth tremendously ever since.”

Another testimony came from India, from Pastor MV. Thomas who said:

“Through the teachings at the GMC, my leadership capacity was greatly increased. I became more committed to the vision of global evangelism, which led me to travel to countries such as Singapore and Bangladesh, to host Ministers Conferences for the training and equipping of more ministers for phenomenal ministry impact.”

Watch this video where Pastor Eric Apollo from Higher Life of Glory in Christ Ministries in Zimbabwe, shares his expectation towards the upcoming 2023 Global Ministers’ Classroom with the Man of God, Pastor Chris.

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