ISM Gives Millions the Opportunity to be Tutored by Pastor Chris

We are excited about the upcoming 5th edition of the Global Ministers’ Classroom (GMC) with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome through the International School of Ministry (ISM). This free, online, 24-hour teaching program caters to ministers of the gospel, pastors, evangelists, teachers, apostles, prophets, missionaries, youth ministers, and ministry executives all over the world.

The GMC is scheduled to take place on Friday, 2nd of June by 2:00 pm GMT+1 and will culminate on Saturday, 3rd of June with a special session with Pastor Chris.

ISM Gives Millions the Opportunity to be Tutored by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

What is the ISM

The International School of Ministry is a distinctive institution that provides both spiritual and academic training for ministers of the Gospel of Christ. Its mission is to instill in them the teachings of God’s Word and empower them to spread the message of eternal life in Christ Jesus to their communities with great demonstrations of God’s miraculous power. For many years, since its inception in 2007, the ISM has given thousands of ministers the opportunity to learn from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and to be imparted with the grace that is unique to his ministry.

Ministers of the Gospel from around the world have experienced an inexplicable transformation in their lives and ministries through the supernatural encounters they receive at ISM.

The teachings at ISM are for every minister of the Gospel. It doesn’t matter where you are, what continent, or what language you speak. If you desire growth, expansion, and in-depth knowledge of God’s Word in your life and ministry, then you are heartily welcome to an impactful and refreshing experience at the ISM.

Pastor Chris teaches the largest classroom ever

The 2022 Global Ministers’ Classroom was the largest online ministry classroom hosting over 78 million ministers of the gospel from well over 239 Nations of the world.

This 24-hour program was a source of inspiration and information to all those people in the ministry.

Pastor Chris revealed profound and significant truths from the Word including an in-depth explanation of what it means to be a minister of God, saying: “A Minister of God is first and foremost a servant of God. He is appointed unto God, and your primary responsibility is unto God. Whatever the Ministry is, it begins with ministering to God”.

Last year the mandate from God was 7 billion souls, which we achieved, so this year we are aiming to reach 8 billion souls with the power of the Spirit.

The ministers and people of the Church who participate in this program will teach the Word of God with greater conviction and accuracy, calling to heal the sick and impart the wisdom of the Word. This comes with special guidance and training from the Man of God himself, Pastor Chris, empowering them to carry the message of eternal life in Christ Jesus to their world.

The courses are specifically designed to meet every ministerial need, as is evident from the lives of many of the previous graduates from the International School of Ministry, who have been empowered with the Word of God.

Pastor Chris makes time during the program to provide answers from the scriptures to questions sent in from participants; increasing their knowledge and understanding of spiritual realities.

Testimonies provide insight

Here Bishop Janice Best of the New Covenant Fellowship Family Worship Center, Virginia, USA shares the blessings of the wealth she received from the program, when she testified:

“We were truly blessed by hosting the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris in Virginia. We are so proud to share the grace gift that Pastor Chris is with other Ministers of the Gospel in my city. It was a reveal and release of greater grace and glory in Christ, and indeed we have taken charge in the Spirit!”

Another testimony came from Pastor Helena Afelt of Grace and Truth Ministries, Ukraine, who wrote: “I am amazed at how much knowledge I took out of the Global Ministers’ Classroom. It was more than a program to me. Pastor Chris taught us about ministry, he helped us to understand the times we are living in. At the end of each lesson, when the man of God prayed, he declared words, those words were for me.  Those words lifted me, strengthened me, and transformed me. I know that together with Pastor Chris, we will take the seven billion for Christ. I am so thankful to the man of God for the opportunity.”

Reach higher levels with Pastor Chris

You can join Pastor Chris for the 5th Edition of the Global Ministers’ Classroom for another opportunity to receive spiritual training, build capacity, and escalate to higher levels of faith in life and ministry, in preparation for the Rapture.

To register for free for the 2023 edition of the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris, click here.

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