“As you have watered so shall you be watered in return…” Global Ministers Classroom with Pastor Chris 2023

Since its inception in 2007, the International School of Ministry (ISM) has given thousands of ministers the opportunity to learn from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and to be imparted with the grace and wisdom that is unique to his ministry.

We have high expectations about the upcoming 5th edition of the Global Ministers’ Classroom (GMC) with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome through the International School of Ministry (ISM). This is a free, online, 24-hour teaching program that caters to ministers of the gospel, pastors, evangelists, teachers, apostles, prophets, missionaries, youth ministers, and ministry executives worldwide.

The GMC is scheduled to take place on Friday, 2nd of June by 2:00 pm GMT+1 and will conclude on Saturday, 3rd of June with a special prayer session with Pastor Chris.

Each year Pastor Chris Oyakhilome reveals profound truths from the Word of God at the Global Ministers’ Classroom.

Transform the lives of millions

In Proverbs 9:9 it says: “Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.“

God is getting us ready for the final phase of the work of the Church in this world with the Global Ministers Classroom. We can help someone else to receive salvation; help those around us to learn the Word; show them the path of life! Teach them how to live. Pastor Chris reminds us that being filled with the Spirit is a normal Christian life, so we need to be filled with the Spirit continually.

The Man of God has told us: “This is your calling as a Christian. Register for the Global Ministers Classroom today and encourage everyone in your circle of contact who qualifies for the entry criteria to do the same.”

The verse in Proverbs 11:25 “And as you have watered so shall you be watered in return,” is a direct result of the Global Ministers Classroom with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Your seed will cause a transformation in the lives of millions of ministers and their ministries all around the world.

In Exodus 35:34, it is written: “And he has given to him, and to Oholiab, the son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan, the power of training others. Truly, that man is happy who has training from the hand of God: so do not let your heart be shut to the teaching of the ruler of all.” This is another reason why it is important to impart the knowledge and wisdom of God’s Word to others.

Ministers of the Gospel from around the world have experienced an inexplicable transformation in their lives and ministries through the supernatural encounters they receive at ISM. Sign up for the Global Ministers’ Classroom with the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakilome.

This is the platform from which to teach the world

The teachings at ISM cater to every minister of the Gospel. It doesn’t matter where you are, what continent, or what language you speak. If you desire growth, expansion, and in-depth knowledge of God’s Word in your life and ministry, then this program is for you. You will be embraced and welcomed at the International School of Ministry.

Each year Pastor Chris reveals profound truths from the Word including in-depth explanations of what it means to be a minister of God: “A Minister of God is first and foremost a servant of God. He is appointed unto God, and your primary responsibility is unto God. Whatever the Ministry is, it begins with ministering to God”.

“From participating in this program, God will change your life and thinking processes because He loves you. He needs you and His plan is to reach and bless others through you,” Pastor Chris told the attending ministers at the third edition of the Global Ministers’ Classroom in 2021.

Starting a new month in the ‘Year of the Prolific Church’

The June Global Communion Service will take place right after the Global Ministers Classroom, on Sunday the 4th of June. Join Pastor Chris to welcome the new month and bid farewell to the ‘Month of Victory’ as we reach the halfway mark of the ‘Year of the Prolific Church‘.

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