Translators Network International Conference (TNIC) 2017!!!

This year has been most remarkable for the Translators Network International. We experienced luxuriant growth, significant attainments and persistent productivity as we increased the Ministry’s influence in nations across the world. This year, more translators and Ministers of the Gospel joined us in making the Ministry’s voice louder and clearer in their nations. Using our Ministry materials as tools to raise a generation of men and women who made it their mission to fulfill God’s dream for their lives. That is why the TNIC at the IPPC will be a special one!

The TNIC promises to be on a much higher level of glory. The theme is: Flourishing Without Limits. An unprecedented display of attainments. It will be a time of impartation and strengthening. And even more, the inspiration and grace required for the next phase. A time of upgrade. As all delegates will be equipped with the necessary tools and information they require to excel in Ministry.

Translators from around the world will converge at the LoveWorld center for a glorious two day event that will definitely change lives for all time. There will be inspiring music, dance demonstrations, workshops, training sessions, and award presentations.

Our partners also have the opportunity to sponsor translators and Ministers of the Gospel to this year’s TNIC.

Get excited with testimonies of translators that can’t wait to participate in this year’s TNIC:

Botswana: “At this year’s conference I’m expecting to be transformed, and even more by the word and worship”

Pakistan: “And especially being a translator, we have great expectations for the TNI 2017. All the translators are going to get together at one place. It is the time when we celebrate our work which we are doing for the Kingdom of God, through our Man of God, Pastor Chris”

Spain: “I’m looking forward to this event to hear testimonies from great achievements, significant attainments, obtained throughout the year 2017. How the Gospel has been flourishing in various nations, how Rhapsody of Realities has conquered new grounds”

Italy: “Looking forward to the annual conference. I know that this year, the year of flourishing. O wow! The conference is going to be just what I need. Because I perceive that I’m going to receive the knowledge that will take me to the next level in my Ministry as a translator and I will receive the grace to do more, the ability to do more. I will be equipped and strengthened and motivated to do what I haven’t done so far”

The event will take place on the 13th-14th November, 2017 at Lagos, Nigeria

For more information on registration and sponsorship send an email to

God bless!

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