How to prepare for this year’s TNIC?

TNIC (Translators Network International Conference) 2017 is a significant moment in God’s Calendar for you! It’s a time to celebrate the impact you made in the lives of millions around the world, and to be further inspired, upgraded and improved in your ministry as Translators, distributors, Media Connectors and Ministers of the Gospel. Hence, it’s of utmost importance that you attend this year’s TNIC.

Adequate plans have been perfected to receive you, hence you need to start making plans to be present physically at the conference by ensuring your visas have been secured. Also make sure your flight itineraries are confirmed and sent to the Translators’ Network International Coordinating Center.

With the IPPC just around the corner, and the LoveWorld Exhibition, as well as of course the TNIC it can become a little overwhelming. And while the material and technical preparations may be seem like the stressful part, in my experience it’s the spiritual preparation that should be taken the most seriously. After all the purpose of these events is to bring us closer to God and to the community that shares the word of Rhapsody of Realities. Coming with no preparation can be counterproductive and hinder your spiritual engagement and progression. That is why we came up with this list. A checklist to help you all prepare for the amazing experience that is the TNIC.

Below are few things that you need to do to effectively plan for the conference:

  • Pray constantly
  • Develop an expectation and determine how much you will receive
  • Early attendance at the sessions – refuse distractions and pay attention
  • Respond to the Word that will be coming to you
  • Attend all session
  • Magnify the conference in your heart. Every day is not the same…there are some days that affect your future. You prepare the most for the days that will change your life
  • Participate from your spirit. Remember what God seeks to give you is not a job, or money; what God seeks to give you is the Word of God in your spirit
  • Be sure you have your writing material with you

The Holy Spirit will speak and show you the future. He will direct your steps to advance forward in your life and ministry. He will reveal deep truths and lead you victoriously into 2018!

God bless!

The TNIC will be held on November 13th-14th, 2017 at the LoveWorld Conference Centre in Lagos Nigeria. Want to know more? Go to

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