PASTOR CHRIS – Atmosphere for Miracles Ep.33

I warmly welcome you to the recent episode of Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris. This episode was presented by Yvonne de Graff.

One of the testimonies in the episode was that of a young man brought blind into a meeting with the man God, Pastor Chris. And just as the Bible recounts that Jesus healed the blind man that was brought to him at Bethsaida, so did this young man regain his sight during this meeting with the man of God. The video shows an inspired crowd open to God and to Pastor Chris’s Healing and Gospel.

Pastor Chris: “We have miracles here, this women had breast cancer for three years and she came [to this gathering] with severe pain. As you mentioned, [speaking to the woman] the cancer path God came upon her. Yes. And all the pains are gone” The women cries out into speaking in tongues. “Never again! Worship Him, thank him for his love.

In addition to the miracle Pastor Chris spread upon that grateful women he additionally helped a blind man see:

“This guy was blind for five years. This is his brother, his brother tells me he had to pull out of school five years ago because he couldn’t see. Come here, look at me. Can you see me?” The man of God raises his hand, “how many fingers am I holding up?” the man answers five and the crown roars into applause. A double miracle indeed. The brothers look into each other’s eyes and hug and embrace each other with joy and relief. “From this day on a special blessings will be upon you” the same God that healed can protect as well. “Three of you in the name of Jesus Christ, take it!”

It was indeed a great event to witness. God bless!

What a divine encounter! You too can experience God especially as you follow Pastor Chris on KingsChat and on Yookos (

God bless you!

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