The Time of Day for Uplifting and Relaxing in Front of LoveWorld USA

In our lives, we find many obstacles in feeling closer to God. It may be stress at work, family obligations or just the busy lifestyle we all conduct. That is why I find that one of the highlights of my day is coming home and sitting down to watch LoveWorld USA. It’s a family friendly network preaching the word of Christ with a variety of TV shows and entertainment options. After a long day at work I find myself wanting a spiritual lifting of some sort and the mainstream networks don’t always fulfil that need. With reality TV and other content I’m not always happy to show my kids, it’s nice to have a break from all of that material world and reconnect to God through Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s show or a Vision to Victory episode. The shows are on an array of topics ensuring that no matter what time you turn on LoveWorld USA there will always be something meaningful on to watch.

World-renowned TV Evangelists, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSC DD, president of believers’ Loveworld Inc., and Christ Embassy, and Pastor Benny Hinn of Benny Hinn Ministries, confirmed they will be partnering together to launch a brand new television channel LoveWorld USA. Cable Network.

The collaboration of these two giants in global ministry sees the rollout of a premier station that will beam from America to the world with a wide coverage of the continent.

I would describe LoveWorld USA as a faith-based venture inspired by God and His dream to bring hope, joy and the Holy Spirit to Americans. The network strives to bring the message of God’s love and demonstrate His power to as many as possible. LoveWorld USA’s uniqueness lies in the specific focus of the power of God in all its glory and providing news to the people in a straightforward manner.

This gave rise to other stations in Nigeria, South Africa and the U.K. Millions of people have been touched by powerful messages of salvation through the far-reaching, audience-friendly television ministry of Pastor Chris.

The network’s list of programs includes: Pastor Chris teaching, Hinn’s healing crusades, global news, sports, entertainment, youth programs, children’s programs, praise & worship, and other Christian ministry programs.

LoveWorld USA Cable Network will broadcast across the United States. At the bottom of the article you can find the different channel numbers depending on where you are in the United States.

In addition there is a live stream of the network on the homepage of the website https://www.loveworldusa.or


Want to learn more? Check out LoveWorld USA on the different social media outlet through the links below:

Channel Name City State Channel Number
Zeal 2 Albany New York 489
Zeal 2 Auburn 2
Zeal 2 Augusta Maine 489
Zeal 2 Austin Texas 489
Zeal 2 Bakersfield 254
Zeal 2 Birmingham Alabama 279
Zeal 2 Buffalo New York 489
Zeal 2 Charlotte North Carolina 489
Zeal 2 Cincinnati Ohio 192
Zeal 2 Cleveland – Acron Ohio 192
Zeal 2 Columbia South Carolina 92 and 489
Zeal 2 Columbus Ohio 192
Zeal 2 Fremont Ohio 18
Zeal 2 Dallas Texas 489
Zeal 2 Fremont Ohio 10
Zeal 2 Green Bay Wisconsin 192
Zeal 2 Greensboro North Carolina 489
Zeal 9 Hawaii Statewide 155
Zeal 2 Indianapolis Indiana 279
Zeal 2 Kansas City Missouri 489
Zeal 2 Lincoln Nebraska 489
Zeal 2 London Kentucky 55
Zeal 2 Los Angeles California 489
Zeal 9 Mid North USA Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan 186
Zeal 2 Milwaukee Wisconsin 192
Zeal 2 New York New York 489
Zeal 2 Oakland and Livonia Wisconsin 193
Zeal 2 Orlando Florida 187
Zeal 2 Owensboro Kentucky 62
Zeal 2 Raleigh North Carolina 489
Zeal 2 Rochester New York 489
Zeal 2 San Antonio Texas 489
Zeal 2 San Diego Area California 489
Zeal 9 St. Louis Missouri 195
Zeal 2 Syracuse New York 489
Zeal 2 Florida 187
Zeal 2 and 9 Terre Haute Indiana 13 and 68
Zeal 2 Waco Texas 489
Zeal 9 Wilmington North Carolina 1312




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