#TBT – IPPC 2015 Loveworld Exhibition

In preparation for the 2017 IPPC LoveWorld Exhibition, I wanted to take a look back on one of my favorite events from 2015. It was only two years ago that I was in Lagos enjoying the great spiritual uplifting of sharing an event with fellow believers. While it is hard to describe in words or even portray the great environment worshiping the Lord even through video, this one really captures the sense of community that these kind of exhibition give.

In the video Henry Williams takes us on a grand tour at the Loveworld Exhibition venue where different ministry arms showcase their products, services and soul winning strategies, also some partners talk to us about their experiences so far…

One major attraction of the IPPC 2015 was the LoveWorld Exhibition taking place in Legos, South-West Nigeria in the Healing School. So many partnership arms were there to showcase services and the rendering and experiences that have helped drive the word of God through all nations and helped bring to creation the vision of our man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PHD. The video showcases a grand tour of the event. Henry Williams, the host of the video interviews many exhibitors participating in the event. Many expressed joy in being a part of the Church, professing that is allows them to “make things happen” and “make a change in the world”. When interviewed one Pastor explained: “It is beautiful to identify with Rhapsody of Realities because it’s truly the Ministry’s messengers angel that carries the Gospel”.

Each stand represents and attempts to try and showcase the different platforms in the community to spread the word of God. Another declared: “In my house there is no way where we don’t watch LoveWorld (TV)/LoveWorld Plus. Even when there’s something major going on I ask them [his family] to switch it LoveWorld (TV). I love to watch even on the go”.

“It is so beautiful to be a part of the vision of the man of God, the Pastor has said to us, we have moved to the next level. “

“Everything about LoveWorld Plus is a blessing to us, it’s not like the other television stations. It is blessings you, encouraging you, it’s the message you just want to hear for your day, it’s what you just need for that moment, they are so inspiring. There is no dull moment”

The love for not only Pastor Chris but for the community around Rhapsody of Realities is incredibly evident in the testimonies of the participants in the video. And to be honest it is just as wonderful as I remember it.

As can be seen in the video, the event was buzzing with life and all the Pastors and the partners were free to take a look at the various services the event had to offer. They are not buying anything, rather buying into something, an eternal vision.

Can’t wait for the 2017 IPPC LoveWorld Exhibition, It will be even more amazing than one can image. God bless!


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