Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris (Oct 4th)

The episode was presented by Yvonne de Graaf.

In the presence of the Lord there is fullness of joy at his right hand there are pleasures evermore. Witnessing a miracle is ever so pleasurable and it is always a joy for the one who receives that divine touch. The episode records the miracle of healing by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The show depicts a large crowd praying “Glory to your name, oh Jesus!” all together in harmony led by Pastor Chris himself. It is an uplifting experience and atmosphere. The attendees are in deep prayer singing and praising the word of God, and open to miracles in their presence.

We see an older women coming walking close to the Pastor with her close family beside her. “She couldn’t walk for one year, because of arthritis” Pastor Chris explained to the crowd. Then in a sudden burst of spirituality and connection to God, Pastor Chris declared to the women “Take it!” It was evident that God had come upon this women and she couldn’t control herself. She now walks proud and high, so strong. It was a truly uplifting experience for this women and the cheering crowd. The man of God embraces the women into his arms and she hugs him thanking Jesus for the powers he gave Pastor Chris. The joy made through the Healing School and its teachings is unimaginable. It shows that we too can see the works of God on this earth. Praise the Lord!

Another young women comes before the Pastor. She was deaf for 18 years, an astonishingly long time, doctors never believed she would be able to heal. “Now she can hear clearly” declares Pastor Chris. “She used to read lips but now she can hear”. He begins snapping into the young women’s ears. “She is not reading any lips now because her eyes are shut”. He calls to her and she replies (with her eyes closed!) “I can hear”. “That’s amazing” the Pastor declares, “Never again”.

What an experience, what joy the Lord can place upon us if we are only willing to accept him as our God.

Hallelujah of a certainty there is no failing with God. It is a miracle that we can witness such glory in our day.

God Bless!

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