The Power and Influence of the Digital Church Today

As mentioned in previous articles the International Media Connectors’ Conference (IMCC) with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the digital component of the International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference (IPPC) and is currently in its 9th edition. It is an integral part of the prestigious IPPC annual event.

Let’s recap what happened on day 2 of the enlightening and exciting International Media Connectors’ Conference. The gratitude was overflowing for the attendees who managed to learn so much from the leaders in the field of media and technology.

Many topics were covered on day 2 including “The Power and Influence of the Digital Church”. In the ongoing thought-provoking super session, the highly esteemed Pastor T.T Temisan exposed delegates to the power and the influence of the digital Church and their role as media activists.

“You don’t stop because no one notices you, the number one brand you must create is the Church brand, the soul-winning brand, the evangelical brand,” Pastor TT declared. “We are in a war, don’t stop when you are tired. Only stop when the job is done”, he continued to say.

“The Church is making Jesus the answer to people’s life problems,” said the esteemed Pastor TT, reiterating that “You don’t stop when you’re tired. You don’t stop because there’s no one to tell you “well done, thank you” You stop when the task is finished!”

You can influence the world online the Pastor told the audience, it is a powerful platform.

“The biggest casualty in our world today is truth…what is truth?” Esteemed Pastor TT asked the audience.

Super Session with the Highly Esteemed Pastor T.T Temisan

Saturating the Nations with Truth

In the ongoing Keynote Lecture on ‘Creating the Right Media for Social Media’, the esteemed Pastor Tony Ikeokwu, Loveworld Media Director charged delegates to see media beyond just a channel of passing information but rather as a weapon of war. “Be intentional about your content and the purpose they serve,” he emphasized.

Pastor Star Vosper inspired delegates on maximizing Social Media Entertainment for more influence with the Gospel under the topic of ‘Weaponizing Our Digital Platforms in Saturating the Nations with Truth’.

Pastor Deji Olubusi, Coordinator of Pastor Chris Online Network acquainted delegates with what social media management and community management entail in an enlightening expert session. “A Community manager serves as the face of a brand both online and offline, the person represents a certain brand, building a community around the brand and advocating consistently for that brand,” Pastor Deji explained under the topic  ‘Weaponizing Our Digital Platforms in Saturating the Nations with Truth’.

Still under the topic ‘Weaponizing Our Digital Platforms in Saturating the Nations with Truth’, the Esteemed Pastor Bolaji Akinboro, a serial entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, spoke to delegates about gaining an understanding of the inner workings of Social Media platforms with an educative class titled “Social Media Data Performance”.

Rafal from AppUnite gave an educated look at exploring KingsChat global ad systems for more reach and business expansion on Kings Business.

We have had 2 exciting and action-packed days so far, stay tuned for the final day of the International Media Connectors’ Conference which we all agree is the best place to be filled with inspiration and insight in this ‘Month of Insight’.


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