Excerpts from IPPC 2022 with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The partners’ session of the International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference 2022 (IPPC) with the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, started off with a highly spirited session of prayers and worship on Thursday, November 17th. Participants from all over the world were in attendance in Nigeria; delegates from China, Pakistan, United Kingdom, UAE, Canada, India, and several other countries waited to hear the powerful words from the Man of God himself, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. This is one of the final highlights of the ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds‘, and we look forward to the highly anticipated LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts (LFMA) from the 23rd to the 27th of November.

Pastor Chris started off by addressing the hatred of Christians by the world, cloaked in Anti-Semitism against Israel.

Pastor Chris told the audience, ‘’Christianity is signaled as the biggest problem in the world. This hatred is currently being disguised as Anti-Semitism and Israel is currently being victimized for being the source of Christianity. Christianity, always stands for truth, helps the needy, speaks of righteousness, love, faith, and hope in a living God and all of these things are both dreaded and hated by the dark world.’’

He continued to educate the congregation by saying: ‘’The only place of security in our day is an unblemished love for Jesus Christ – let Him become the focus of everything about your life; let the thought of Jesus dominate your mind continually, think about Him always — as a person — someone in whom you truly believe, trust and love. Consciously think about Jesus and you will experience a reality of His presence beyond what you thought possible.’’

Pastor Chris stirred up the audience who wanted to hear more about our Christian walk when he said: “To be blessed means to cause to function maximally and beyond limitation. That means there’s productivity that has been unlocked. When you release the blessings it starts attracting everything you require,” he divulged. He encouraged the delegates to be courageous saying: ‘’Courage is a spiritual quality, and when God calls you He requires it. You must look away from everything that distracts you and look to Him.”

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome addresses the partners at IPPC2022

Excerpts from Pastor Chris from day 4 of the IPPC 2022

“The power of God is a real thing, and the power can be used for the right purpose but too many times we are drawn to the wrong thinking” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome told the captivated audience.

He went on to explain what it means to be a partner. “As partners, we are working together for the same purpose; we are carrying out His agenda in the world. Our eyes must always be on the goal.”

Further Excerpts from Pastor Chris at the successful conference include financial productivity.

“In financial partnership, we put finances together to achieve big goals. An individual may not be able to achieve much by himself, but when he collaborates with others, he would do much more. Smaller investments create smaller profits; larger investments create larger profits. Working together with your monies will achieve than individual investments. Partnership has tremendous potential and benefits,” the man of God advised.

Excerpts from Pastor Chris from day 5 of the IPPC 2022

The LoveWorld President, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome spoke about the Word of God: “Studying the Bible doesn’t mean you know the Word. When we say the Bible is the Word of God, we mean something very different from when we say the Word of God is the Bible.”

He continued to say: “Saying the Bible is the Word of God means the Bible is God-breathed. The content of the Bible is inspired by God. They came from God. When we use the term “the Word of God” we are dealing with something else. We’re talking about God’s thoughts, opinions, and ideas (God’s agenda). We’re actually looking at God’s mind about anything, meaning that when we’re talking about knowing the Word and having knowledge of the Word, it means you need to know God. Know His thoughts.”

Pastor Chris also spoke about the concept of giving, saying:

“Love without giving is love unmanifested.  The demonstration of your love is by your giving. Everyone should be a radical giver for God. If you are not such a giver, your receiving life would be too gentle. If you want the kind of receiving that shakes things, then your giving life has to be like that.”

What a glorious time to be celebrating the Christian life with the Man of God. The essence of Christianity, the glory and joy of all that Jesus came to do, is Christ in you. Christ in you is everything. Hallelujah!!


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