Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn Speak at Super Sunday in Lagos

World-renowned leaders Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn spoke to thousands of eager participants at the recent Super Sunday session. The talk took place at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena and was immensely inspiring for all involved.

Energies were high as the thousands of attendees filled up the famous LoveWorld Arena in Lagos Nigeria. The eager participants rejoiced at the presence of two of the world’s most glorious pastors before them. Attendees commented on how it appeared that God’s light was literally emanating from the magnanimous duo. As they ministered upon the stage, crowds were swept in the powerful glow of the mighty Lord.

Participants received great insights into the workings of the Lord and how they can best reach a path of true enlightenment. The pinnacle of enlightenment was reached, when Pastor Benny Hill addressed the crowds and commented on the power of self-denial.
He said self-denial is the “key to the power of God,” explaining that this is a huge part of the Christian journey. Pastor Benny “inspired the congregation to yield themselves in total surrender to the Lord Jesus.”

Benny Hinn and Pastor Chris
Benny Hinn and Pastor Chris

The event was of immense impact and energy with thousands of soul-winning attendees basking in the light of the Lord. Benny Hill and Pastor Chris created waves of joy as they ministered together.
The event that brought thousands of people with open hearts and open ears to be showered with the love of God. Participants found themselves “immersed in an atmosphere of divine realities.”

At the Global Communion this October, Benny Hill, once again graced audiences with incredible insights when he spoke about the Holy Spirit, telling attendees to “think about the Holy Spirit as being the generator of the Trinity…” [The Holy Spirit] is the Omnipresence. And the Omniscience of the Trinity,” Pastor Benny taught and emphasized the “Spirit of God is the power of the Trinity“. He brought a focus to this idea and advised his congregation to pay close attention.

Pastor Chris at the October-Communion-Service-LoveWorld News
Pastor Chris at the October-Communion-Service-LoveWorld News

Pastor Chris further revealed the importance of the Holy Spirit and the meaning that it holds in the life of a practicing Christian. As the crowd listened intently, their hearts and minds expanded with the absorption of the holy scriptures.

A particularly remarkable moment was when Pastor Chris revealed that a Christian’s life “should be on living the Christ’s life in a consciousness of His post-resurrection glory.”

As usual, Super Sunday sessions are particularly charged with high energies and spirit swirling sermons. A recent noteworthy gathering in the UK brought over 2,400 people. The event gained an extra 39 souls to their church. Christ Embassy dignitaries commented on how they “felt the fire of the Spirit”.

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