The President of Christian TV Station Receives Revelation from Pastor Chris

Pastor Rebecca Osorno is the president of the largest Christian television station in the country of Nicaragua. When she stumbled upon a short Facebook clip of a Pastor Chris healing session, she was instantly compelled to meet the man of God.

As the president of Enlace Nicaragua television,a constitute of Latin America’s largest Christian based television network, Pastor Rebecca knows what it’s like to reach millions of blessed souls around the world.

The network offers an inspiring array of Christian programming for the Hispanic community. The viewership is massive and supplies over 17 stateliest around the world. Osorno refers to it as working “like a family in all nations, spreading the Gospel to the Hispanic speaking people” The director of the Christian television network, also happens to be the founder one of the largest youth movements in Central America known as “Epa Por Jesus”, which translates as Surrender Passion and Love for Jesus. With all this wealth of blessed achievements behind her, Pastor Rebecca is certainly no stranger to the miraculous workings of the Lord.

Pastor Rebecca Osorno speaks about her experience with Pastor Chris
Pastor Rebecca Osorno speaks about her experience with Pastor Chris

Her incredible story began about two years when BLW minster, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan came all the way to Nicaragua on one of his many spiritual missions. That’s when the first connection was made. Pastor Rebecca’s encounter with Pastor Tom brought her to meet other highly esteemed ministers of Christ Embassy. It was in that moment, that a feeling inside of her swirled, and she felt that she had to go to South Africa. Rebecca never forgot that fateful day. A whole two years later Rebecca, she recalls, saw something online that sparked her. “in December, I received a Facebook clip and I watched it.” She describes the clip and how she felt completely compelled to find out who this man was.

Pastor Rebecca Osorno at a healing service with Pastor Chris
Pastor Rebecca Osorno at a healing service with Pastor Chris
it was this ministry with 10 000 people, a big crowd…and he just extended his hand, and all the people were on the floor, when I saw that clip, I said that who is that person…why do I feel as if I have seen that face?”

When it dawned on Pastor Rebecca that this was the very man she learned about through the Christ Embassy ministers, she was completely overwhelmed with feelings.
That single video of a Pastor Chris healing session led to watch more and more videos of the man of God. Pastor Rebecca found herself watching healing miracles and sermons until four in the morning. After being flooded by spirituality, Rebecca, charged up with the words of Pastor Chris and Christ’s energy, said to herself “now I really want to go to South Africa”.

When Pastor Rebecca finally got to where she was meant to be, she was ready to meet the man of God and talk about his healing miracles. The meeting was set, what Rebecca discovered was amazing, she was scheduled to the man of God at a live healing service. This was going to be her first meeting with him ever. She witnessed with her own eyes the force of his healing powers and expressed how amazed she was.

Pastor Rebecca Osorno at a healing service with Pastor Chris
Pastor Rebecca Osorno at a healing service with Pastor Chris

“One of the things that I really enjoyed, and my mind was blown was, that for healing sometimes, or even if a demon possessed [someone], it takes hours to cast out, but here it was like, out!” Pastor Rebecca, witnessing this, was all the while thinking “I have to change my life, and that I have to change many things according to the revelation.” When the Enlace Nicaragua, president was about to have her moment with Pastor Chris, she was shaking.

She was standing in line, ready to be changed. Pastor Rebecca ready for the divine touch was consumed with thoughts on how she was going to spread this message to Central America. When Pastor Chris asked her, “What do you want to do when you get back to Nicaragua? He then went on to tell her.

When God talks to us, he gives us the confirmation in our spirits, in our hearts, so they are not just thoughts going through your mind, because truly God is talking to you, and you will do what God has asked you to by His grace, it shall be so”

It was in this moment that Pastor Rebecca, through the mighty hand of the BLW president, understood that God had been talking to her. God created these encounters for her. The experience prompted her share with her country the great power of Pastor Chris. This moment was her destiny. “Nicaragua will never the same again.”

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