Christ Embassy Tips on How to Prepare for The TNIC 2018

Christ Embassy is excited to bring you the 2018 TNIC. The event is a vital part of the IPPC that is happening this November. If you’re a translator, distributor, media connector or minister of the Gospel, then this event is crucial for you, for this is where your impact will be truly praised and celebrated!

The Translators’ Network International is an organization of translators, media correspondents and publicists who are committed to ensuring that the Believer Love World’s global message is received and understood by all. The Translators Network has made great achievements with over “900 translations of Rhapsody of Realities“, making it the most translated book in the world. For this reason, it is clear that the TNIC is one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year.

Preparations are already underway to receive the many celebrated attendees. In order to fully accommodate all attendees, it is imperative to prepare for this momentous occasion. The TNIC committee always advises and advocates for maximum preparation for this event. Here are some important tips on how best to get ready direct from Christ Embassy

Translators Network International 2018
Translators Network International 2018
Pray profusely and consistently.

Praying is the life-blood of all of this. The invoking of God drives us to constantly reach higher planes. When we do this repeatedly, it turns into a habit. It creates a precedent of higher learning and strengthens spiritually. It is like repeatedly exercising a muscle.
Establish your expectations and understand what you will receive.
Doing this is assists you in setting and reaching your goals within your time of attendance. It is important to confront and acknowledge what you will take from the event.

Worshiper at TNIC 2017
Worshiper at TNIC 2017
Be punctual at the sessions – Do not give into distractions

The TNIC can be an overwhelming experience with swarms of people all around you. Every single one of them, eager to attend and absorb all the sermons, lectures and more. Keeping up with the happenings will elevate you and boost you in your path of commitment to the man of God and his work. Missing out or being left behind can be ultimately quite harmful and can prevent your advancement. Attending the Christ Embassy events on time and staying focused is a crucial part of the experience. As a direct contributor to the spread of this dynamite and glorious message, one needs to be alert, punctual and highly focused. Bringing writing material is also a helpful tool in the journey of your holy work.

Respond to the Word that will be coming to you

Be responsive to the Holy Gospel. There will be a constant flow of information to absorb. Listening is expected, but a higher level of understanding is to respond and engage with the ideas that come your way. This means that there is an exchange and flow of spirits and energy that will result in a heightened sense of absorption.

Attend all sessions

There is an array of sessions dedicated and designed to facilitate the spread of the man of God’s message. Not attending sessions is a sure way to miss out on insightful information, upliftment, and even just general updates. Every session is filled with the wisdom and the spirit of God that will wrap you in a warm glow of his Word.

TNIC 2017
TNIC 2017
Know what God intends to give you.

Attendance does not guarantee you material wealth. It will not enrich you in a monetary sense or affect physical beauty. Attendance fulfills you spiritually. It feeds your soul with a Godly nourishment, replenishing you, soothing you and elevating you to higher planes. These affects can help you in all areas of life, but it is important to acknowledge that it is not the driving force.  Understanding what this conference can give you is key. “Magnify the conference in your heart. Every day is not the same…there are some days that affect your future.” One thing is for sure though, The TNIC will change your life. This is the Christ Embassy guaranteed experience.

The Holy Spirit will guide you and reveal to your sacred path. He will direct you in the steps you need to take for your spiritual advancement. “He will reveal deep truths” and lead you victoriously into the new year
God bless!

The TNIC will be held on November 13th-14th, 2018 at the LoveWorld Conference Center in Lagos Nigeria. Want to know more? Click here!

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