Join the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris in the ‘Month of Prayer’

As the ‘Month of Prayer’ comes to an end, the power of collective prayer remains a source of hope and strength for millions. This is why the upcoming Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a highly anticipated event for believers worldwide.

This will be the 18th edition of the highly successful program. Scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm (GMT+1) on Friday, June 28th, and continue through to Saturday, June 29th, this 24-hour prayer marathon promises to be a transformative experience.

Join Pastor Chris in aligning the nations of the world with God’s perfect will at the Global Day of Prayer.

What is the Global Day of Prayer?

The Global Day of Prayer was started in March 2020 by Pastor Chris and his close friend and colleague, Pastor Benny Hinn, as a response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

It is considered an event that unites Christians from all corners of the globe in an effort to intercede for nations, leaders, and various global issues. Pastor Chris, founder and president of Christ Embassy, has been a pivotal figure in spreading the message of faith, hope, and love through his teachings and healing ministries.

Why Participate?

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has demonstrated time again the power and strength of prayer, especially collective prayer, when we bring together the force of a community.

Spiritual Upliftment: Collective prayer is a powerful way to strengthen your faith and connect with God on a deeper level. The event is designed to inspire and invigorate your spiritual journey.

Global Unity: In a world often divided by various conflicts and challenges, the Global Day of Prayer fosters a sense of unity and togetherness. Believers from different backgrounds and denominations come together to pray with one heart and one voice.

Intercession for Nations: This event provides an opportunity to intercede for the nations of the world, praying for peace, prosperity, and the guidance of leaders. It’s a chance to stand in the gap and make a positive impact through prayer.

Inspiration and Teachings: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, known for his profound and insightful teachings, will lead the prayer sessions, providing spiritual insights and encouragement that can transform lives.

How to Participate

Participating in the Global Day of Prayer is simple and accessible. Here are a few ways you can join:

Online Streaming: The event will be streamed live on various online platforms, including the official LoveWorld websites and social media channels. This ensures that you can join the prayer sessions from anywhere in the world.

Local Churches and Viewing Centers: Many local churches and designated viewing centers will host live broadcasts of the event. Check with your local Christ Embassy or partner churches for details on locations.

Prayer Groups: Gather with family, friends, or your church group to participate in the event together. Praying in groups can amplify the experience and create a powerful sense of community.

What to Expect

The Global Day of Prayer will feature a range of activities designed to enrich your spiritual experience:

Prayer Sessions: Led by Pastor Chris and other anointed ministers, these sessions will cover various themes and focus areas, including personal spiritual growth, intercession for nations, and healing.

Worship and Praise: Music and worship play a vital role in creating an atmosphere of reverence and celebration. Expect uplifting worship sessions featuring talented gospel artists.

Testimonies and Teachings: Hear inspiring testimonies from people who have experienced miracles and breakthroughs through prayer. Pastor Chris will also share deep and impactful teachings that can help you navigate your spiritual journey.

A Powerful Event with Pastor Chris

The Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is more than just an event; it’s a movement of faith, hope, and love. By participating, you become part of a global family of believers committed to making a difference through prayer. Mark your calendars for June 28th and 29th, and prepare your heart for an unforgettable encounter with God. Together, let’s raise our voices in prayer and witness the power of God move mightily in our lives and the world.

Join us as we celebrate our previous victories won since the inception of the Global Day of Prayer. The church must continue to stand strong against the forces of evil.

Join Pastor Chris in aligning the nations of the world with God’s perfect will. Through our prayers, the works of darkness would be exposed, and the light of God’s Word would continue to prevail in all nations.

For more information and updates, visit the official LoveWorld Networks. Don’t miss this opportunity to join a global wave of prayer that can transform lives and nations.

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