ICLC 2024 with Pastor Chris: Empowering Delegates for Greater Evangelistic Impact

The season has arrived once more for the passionate and dedicated soul-winning soldiers of the Lord’s army to gather and be strengthened for greater Gospel exploits. The International Cell Leaders’ Conference (ICLC) 2024, with the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, will take place from Thursday, June 20th, to Sunday, June 23rd, at the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds in Nigeria.

This exceptional conference will celebrate the remarkable achievements in soul-winning and spiritual growth accomplished as a ministry. It will also ignite a renewed fervor and zeal for soul-winning and retention as we anticipate the rapture of the Church.

At the ICLC 2022 Conference, Pastor Chris launched ‘Code Rabah’ by saying: “It’s time to multiply, enlarge and excel. For the next half of the year, every cell, ministry department, SBOs, and all ministry arms should determine to ‘Rabah’.” He also acknowledged the people who distinguished themselves as serious soul winners committed to the 7 billion mandate.

It’s another gathering of soul-winners at the ICLC 2024 conference with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

An Unprecedented Gathering

In various plenary sessions, the President of LoveWorld, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and senior ministers of the LoveWorld Nation will deliver the pure Word of God, igniting an unquenchable passion for making even greater strides for the Lord. The mandate given by Pastor Chris for every Cell to become a minimum of a thousand members will be a central theme, reflecting the vision of expansive growth and global impact made with the Gospel in the outgoing Cell Ministry Year.

Celebration and Empowerment

ICLC 2024 will be a special time of inspiration, impartation, and empowerment for greater exploits in the new Cell Ministry Year. It will also be an exclusive time to recognize and celebrate outstanding frontline soldiers in God’s army dedicated to soul-winning. The conference aims to equip delegates with the tools and spiritual vigor necessary to expand their evangelistic efforts and profoundly impact their communities.

LoveWorld Exhibition and Praise Night

The conference will also feature the LoveWorld Exhibition, showcasing the various facets and accomplishments of the ministry. The event will climax with a special Praise Night Service with Pastor Chris on Sunday, June 23rd, a time to lift voices in worship and gratitude for the amazing works God has done through the ministry.

Registration and Participation

As this is a delegate conference, attendees are encouraged to contact their local Church office for information regarding eligibility and the registration process. With high expectations, delegates are urged to prepare for this glorious conference that promises to be a pivotal moment for personal and collective spiritual advancement.

Prepare for a Transformative Experience

Get ready to shake your world with the 2024 edition of the International Cell Leaders’ Conference with Pastor Chris! This extraordinary gathering will not only celebrate the significant accomplishments of the past year but will also serve as a powerful catalyst for future evangelistic endeavors.

In April, we had another successful Soul-Winners Congress, where pastors, cell ministry leaders, and all participants who desired to further their passion for taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth were equipped with the training and education to become more effective soul-winners.

The program was designed to fulfill the mandate to deliver men and nations from the darkness as proposed by Pastor Chris at the beginning of the ‘Year of Redemption’.

Now, in the ‘Year of Redemption,’ it is once again that time when the soul-winning soldiers of God’s army converge to be empowered with greater insight into the Gospel. The conference will provide an opportunity to rejoice in the remarkable achievements made in the ministry through soul-winning and soul-development and to ignite greater enthusiasm and fervor for winning and retaining souls as we anticipate the rapture of the Church.

Prepare your hearts and spirits for this incredible gathering that promises to leave an indelible mark on your life and ministry. See you at ICLC 2024!

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