The International School of Ministry (ISM)

One of the best parts of being a part of the community surrounding Rhapsody of Realities is the widespread international reach it has. It is truly inspiring to know that they are so many around the world that believe and are open to the Gospel and word of God. The best way to learn more about the Church as a minister or even just as a community participant is through the International School of Ministry (ISM). Ministers of the Gospel are presented with the opportunity to participate and attend online sessions and conferences as well as impactful webinars and virtual cell meetings.

The concept of online learning, or what was better known in the past as ‘distant learning’ is a concept that goes back over 170 year. It originates origin in a correspondence course offered in Great Britain where the instructor sent lessons and received students’ completed assignments by snail mail. Then in 1960, the University of Illinois created an Intranet (a system of linked computer terminals where students could access course materials as well as listen to recorded lectures) for its students. Since then we have come a long way but it is still the best way to spread education and of course reaching as many students as possible so they can learn more about Christianity.

The recently concluded 2017 Online School of Ministry had ministers of the Gospel from 114 countries of the world. Whom were equipped and empowered with the realities of God’s Word to carry out the message of eternal life in the name of Christ Jesus to their world. All this with great demonstration of the miraculous power of God.

Since inception in 2007, the ISM has trained and equipped thousands of ministers from different nations of the world. The diverse selection of lectures at are captivating and inspiring. Students are served a detailed and insightful curriculum of course topics and lectures.

The extraordinary lectures taught at the ISM are spirit-filled, producing in the students God’s kind of results in all their endeavors. The courses have been specially selected to meet the ministerial needs of every minister, from Kingdom Finance, Soul Winning, Structuring for Growth, Introduction to Ministry, the Work of a Pastor, Church Administration, Ministry Gifts, Lay Ministry, Doctrines and many more. And of course no other than the Man of God, Pastor Chris, teaches at the ISM, imparting divine wisdom into the lives of all present.

The teachings at ISM is for every minister of the Gospel. It doesn’t matter where you are, what continent you’re placed in or language you use. If you desire growth, expansion and in-depth knowledge of God’s Word in your life and ministry, then you are heartily welcome to an impactful and refreshing experience at the ISM.

God Bless!

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