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In a special Episode of inside LoveWorld USA Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn share a personal message. They were both very excited to do this show, having the opportunity to present the new network and explain the collaborations that will soon come between the two.

The Lord has been doing marvelous things already, LoveWorld USA is designed by the spirit of God for a definite purpose, declared Pastor Chris. Jesus made it clear to us that his father is greater than all, he was bold about his father. God’s word is God. It’s not just God saying something, its God himself manifested in words. Whenever you’re hearing Gods word you’re hearing God, you’re receiving God. God is in his word as his word is in him. God’s personality is expressed in his words. The life presence, nature and Glory are all expressed in His words.

There is so much that we have done already around the world. But the Lord has raised the dike, it’s a new beginning for us to spread to the US through LoveWorld USA. Now the audience is not just going to be watching, they will be receiving the word of God. The network may be created by men but it’s a vehicle through which people can get closer to the Holy Spirit. LoveWorld Networks have already succeeded around the world (UK, South Africa, Nigeria etc.). But the revealing of LoveWorld USA will take us to another level. This is unlike any other televangelist network the US has seen. They have only seen words, images, even the word of God, but you have not yet seen the manifestation of God on TV. Literally people are going to see the Lord coming out of the screen. The Lord will no longer only be in this mystery form, rather he is Jehovah, the Lord in the camp of his people. God will be connected to the people. God doesn’t want you to passively pray and beg, he wants you to an active Christian. And this is the reason for the creation of this network.

Rhapsody of Realities is a part of the vision, the vision God gave both Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny. Evangelism is what triggers the miraculous. Pastor Benny shared that he too was going through a hard time. Showing that although God uses them they are also still humans like everyone else, with their own troubles. All God wants from us is to believe, when we are lost or in hardship the best step is to just believe.

Rhapsody of Realities has been spreading in unprecedented numbers and will hit 1 billion copies by December. It is known, Pastor Christ explains, that lots of world leaders read Rhapsody of Realities (even Prince Charles!). God came to Pastor Chris about 13 years ago the Lord spoke to him about Rhapsody of Realities and said that he wanted Pastor Chris to devote himself and put His words out to the people. And then God said he will take the message to the end of the world.

That is why the revealing of LoveWorld USA is so exciting. It is the continuation of the will of God to spread Rhapsody of Realities around the world, this time to the people of the USA.

God Bless!

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  1. Thanks you man of God pastor Chris. I was hearing people criticising you but after listening to your preaching and teachings i knew what to do.

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