IMCC with Pastor Chris is the Ultimate Digital Media Conference: Be Part of the Future

Later today we are going to be joining the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for the ultimate digital media conference, the International Media Connectors Conference (IMCC) for the 10th annual event.

International Media Connectors’ Conference with Pastor Chris is the Ultimate Digital Media Conference, where you can be part of the future.

We’re celebrating 10 years of social media impact

The International Media Connectors’ Conference (IMCC) with Pastor Chris is the digital component of the International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference (IPPC) and is celebrating its 10th anniversary edition this year. It is an integral part of the prestigious IPPC annual event, where we delve into the new developments of technology and social media, including, the journey through global evangelism, content creation, and many other exciting topics.

Leaders in technology

Pastor Chris and Christ Embassy have always been leaders in the technology arena, LoveWorldSAT was the first Christian television station to beam out of Africa to the rest of the world, 24/7, nonstop on free-to-air networks.

Pastor Chris has combined his passion for God with his passion for technology bringing the Word of God to the world via the use of technology and social media. One of the leading social media platforms of the Church is Kingschat, the social media platform aimed at a Christian audience.

KingsChat is a user-friendly, all-in-one social media platform modeled like Facebook and available on multiple platforms.
With the KingsChat app, users can chat, post Whatsapp-like statuses, follow trending topics, and stay locally connected to friends. The app also allows users to join communities around topics that interest them.

The many social media digital platforms and hubs have been responsible for bringing billions of devoted young believers around the world to Christ Embassy.
In this current climate of social media, pastors can venture beyond the Church walls and reach out with the gospel, as Pastor Chris has proved time and time again reaching record-breaking participation in all his events all over the world through the use of technology.

He has proved that the virtual world can be conquered and that you can win souls online if you know how to connect. Pastor Chris and Christ Embassy have taken the inspiration to lead the way with digital evangelization. Pastor Chris offers a digital library where all his teachings, lectures, and events can be found at the Pastor Chris Digital Library website.

Participants and delegates at the conference will be exposed to lectures and conferences on how to optimize their social media and technical skills, using the latest platforms on offer from the ministry. They will learn the new rules of engagement and decode the ever-changing digital landscape.

It is time for a reawakening in the digital area offering a greater global impact with the gospel for the next ministry year.

Road to #IMCC10

One of the participants from last year’s IMCC Conference, @mightyderinleu retells her journey in a snippet from her diary as she eagerly awaits #IPPC10.

IMCC TO REMEMBER ❤️💡 Relieve moments from the IMCC 2022 with me and note what to expect 😁

BEAUTIFUL PRAISE, WORD, AND PRACTICAL SESSIONS 💡 I loved everything about IMCC 9 (It was my first experience and if was beautiful. The sessions were beautiful, and we had practical sessions too) I loved the sessions with the highly esteemed Pastor T.T sir, Pastor Deola ma, Pastor Tony sir, Pastor Rita ma…Pastor Star ma, Pastor Pela ma, Pastor Sophia ma, and Chronicles of Prophecy ✨ It was a high-profile meet and connect for sure 😅

GOOD FOOD 🍉🍜🍝🍩🍩 The food was so good! During IMCC 9, I ate SO well! I wouldn’t leave out the part that we were well-fed. We didn’t skip meals and we always had more than enough to eat. Emphasis on good food ✨

HIGH PROFILE MEET AND CONNECT WITH MEDIA CONNECTORS ✨ I got to have conversations with like minds. (I really didn’t want to miss out on this part. 🥹 If you see me at Aseese, kindly, you can reach out to me, I’d love to have conversations on how to reach more people via any platform)

WELCOME COCKTAIL PARTY AND GALA NIGHT AND AWARDS The small chops you see in the video eh 😅 It was BEAUTIFUL ✨ At the welcome cocktail party, we had good small chops and mocktail. The Gala night was just beautiful. My zone, BLW ZONE C won an award. I enjoyed the small chops too. It was an exciting experience. It was so beautiful, and I remember everything so clearly.

If you’ve been selected as a delegate for IMCC 2023 (The tenth anniversary of the most amazing Media Connectors Conference), you’re in for an amazing journey with the Lord and HIS Media Army 📸⚔️ I’d like to say a big thank you to my man of God for the opportunity to be in God’s Media Army 📸🎞️💪🤳 Thank you so much highly esteemed Pastor Rita for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of something big. Thank you so much highly esteemed CMD sir for the opportunities you give me in ministry, sir. Special hugs for Sister @iamvictory. and Sister @ohioayeni P.S My Entry for ROAD TO IMCC 10

Date: November 12th to 14th 2023 It’s time for a Reawakening in the digital era. To view our 24×7 stream and much more, visit our website at or download CeFlix from the LoveWorld App Store:


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