Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Reaches Millions of Souls Through Global Ministers Classroom

If you are a Church Pastor, Ministry Leader, Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist, Bishop, or Youth Pastor this program from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is specifically designed for you. Pastor Chris is a minister, teacher, and healer who has built a global community of Christians through his steadfast dedication to serving the Lord. Through him, God’s life-changing word has reached thousands of lost souls.

It is 4 days to go till the 4th edition of the Global Ministers Classroom with Pastor Chris under the auspices of the International School of Ministry, through which Pastor Chris has contributed to the growth and development of the evangelical movement.

With the aim of bringing the Word of God to all people around the world, with a mandate of 7 billion souls, and with the power of the Spirit, the Man of God, Pastor Chris created the ISM to specifically train and equip ministers of the Gospel of Christ, empowering them to carry the message of eternal life in Christ Jesus to their world, with great demonstrations of the miraculous power of God.

The Global Ministers’ Classroom consists of a variety of teaching sessions and interactive programs for church workers all over the world. It is a free, online 24-hour event, with the purpose of training new pastors and helping existing ministers reach new heights of spirituality and preach more effectively. The event will be starting on Friday the 29th of April at 2:00 pm (GMT+1) and will run till Saturday, the 30th of April.

Testimonies flood in from all over the world

Pastor Labe Valentine Baboguel from Chad declared his gratitude by saying:

“Praise the Lord.. I am so grateful to our Man of God Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D., from the depth of my heart, I want to say a big thank you, Sir, for Organizing the GMC and having more than 40 million ministers coming together and receiving the Word of Life that can make them masters over everything that comes their way and making them master soul winners is beyond imagination. I can say thank you, sir. For us in Chad, I know there is no doubt in my Spirit that especially ministers of the Gospel will never be the same. We have been greatly impacted through the word of God that was shared by our Man of God, we have been catapulted to our next level of glory in ministry and in our life. The testimony of GMC will last forever. Thank you so much, Sir.”

Another grateful pastor, Pastor Fatai Sili from Tonga gave his appreciation in a testimony by saying:

“I have been inspired by the word our man of God shared during global ministers’ classroom this has made me more effective for ministry, the striking part was when the pastor spoke about Evangelism and how important and the urgency of soul-winning I repented immediately. Glory to God.”

Rev. Ikechukwu Peter from Benin City, Nigeria sent a heartfelt message of gratitude by saying:

“I would like to really appreciate Pastor Chris, thank you so much for your time, prayers, and all that God is using you to do in this nation. This end-time and the nations of the earth. Thank you for bringing to the ministers of the gospel that are in the front line of what God is doing the undiluted word of God. I want to really thank you; you have touched me in a great way and your words have molded me. I want you to know that despite the opposition, you have 1001 ministers out there supporting your course. We cannot thank you enough.”

You too can have high expectations from GMC with Pastor Chris

You can expect an increased focus on the Mission and Purpose of the Church from the Global Ministers’ Classroom 2022, as well as strategic insight for the end-time harvest, and valuable networking with millions of ministers of the Gospel from all over the world.

We join in prayer for the impact of the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris for this year 2022, the ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds’.

We pray that all our publicity materials are effective, arresting the heart of every minister; male and female, old and young, across the nations of the world, compelling them to register and participate maximally in this program.

We declare that whatever medium, forum, or platform, the angel of the Lord will incite millions of ministers around the world to register and participate and also invite other ministers to do the same.

Register today for the opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills in the Word of God with the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

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