Highlights – IPPC 2017 Day 3 (Nov.15, 2017)

“Yes, I may not have a house in the village, but I have one in heaven” – Reverend Tom Amenkhienan.

The International Pastor’s and Partners Conference (IPPC) continued elevating at an awesome altitude with thousands of delegates relishing the uplifting words served daily by various pastors.

On Friday 17th November, 2017, Rev. Tom Amenkhienan highlighted the importance being kingdom minded. “As a Christian, until and unless you know you’re in a kingdom, you may not enjoy your Christianity. Unless you’re born again, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. We’re in the kingdom of God now. He’s chosen us out of the world. We’re not of this cosmos”, he said.

He reminded the delegates that we became citizens of God’s kingdom when we are born again. According to his testimony, there are rights that are granted to us as citizens of this glorious kingdom. “Even when you’re ignorant of them, they’re there, but you’ll not enjoy them. Countries confer rights on their citizens. There are inexhaustible and incalculably rights in our kingdom. There’s a way of life in this kingdom. The more you know it, the more you enjoy it. My people perish for the lack of knowledge”.

He declared that in the Believers LoveWorld, everything about us is based on the Word of God. For example, giving your life a meaning; all we know is a life of giving and so many other visions, it becomes an anthem. Reverend Tom stated authoritatively that Pastor Chris has been giving everything he has to the gospel for as long as he has known him. He strengthened his point with the story of the origin of the love-feasts. “We didn’t think of salaries when we started. This is the life in the kingdom. Yes, we talk about money, money, money because we don’t want to be poor. We sow, ours is a life of giving. Give and it shall be given unto you.”

“This is the way of life in the kingdom. Tithes, offerings, sowing seeds are our lifestyle. What else is there to care about other than this kingdom? This is where I have my life. Through our giving, people are receiving life and healing. We will not stop giving until Jesus comes. Yes, we may not have a house in the village, but we sure have one in heaven!”

God Bless!

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