Celebrate the Gospel of Jesus at the LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts with Pastor Chris

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd of November to Sunday, 27th of November, the LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a special time when comedy, arts, crafts, fashion, music, and sports converge in one location to celebrate the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It is a time to celebrate the Lord, take the divine presence of our Lord Jesus Christ to the people of the earth, and demonstrate the character of the Spirit through our music and the creative arts. Music and the arts are powerful tools for evangelism, soul-winning, healing, and the ministration of the Word in such a way that the gospel is forever beautifully engraved in the hearts of our audience.

This is the vision of our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and a platform given by him to celebrate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to the Loveworld Nation through the uniqueness, beauty, excellence, colors, and diversities of the Music and Arts Ministry of the Loveworld Nation.

The Loveworldworship is another initiative and vision of the Loveworld Music And Arts Ministry to bring the divine presence of God to the peoples of the earth through praise and worship. As we worship we experience the blessings of God, miracles, and healing.

Pastor Chris Delivers this Message….

“When you give thanks to God and say “God you are good, you are kind, you have blessed me, you are righteous” when you say these words; you are defining, recognizing, appreciating, and promoting the character of God.”

The Man of God continued to say: “When you thank Him for his goodness when you thank Him for His provisions when you thank Him for the blessings, all the wonderful things in your life that He has done for you, you are saying; “oh God I know it’s you, I know it’s you.” You are attributing those beautiful works to Him and the necessary result of that is; He Will Do More For You.”

He reiterated his words by saying: “So, worship becomes for us something that is much more than a form, a ritual, it’s beyond that. There is a true recognition, there’s a true perception, there’s a real encounter. That’s why when you go to church, when it’s time for worship, give your attention, worship in reality, give your attention.”

Culminating the ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds’

The International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference (IPPC) conference prepares everyone for greatness and growth in the ministry. The sessions provide opportunities for illumination and the development of impactful leadership.

The annual International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference is always concluded by the prestigious LoveWorld Presidential Awards, LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts (LFMA), and LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMA). This famous award ceremony recognizes the various gospel artists that make up the Loveworld Music Ministry (LMAM). The LMAM is driven by a passion for souls, both in the Church and in the world. The LIMA awards celebrate all the best music, dance, spoken word, and many other art forms, all of which are inspired by the vision of the Believers Loveworld president, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. They will take place on Saturday, November 26th. Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable experience this year.

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