Year Long Pray-a-thon Continues

The year-long Pray-a-thon with Pastor Chris, which commenced at the beginning of the year, continues daily till January 6th, 2021. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Live Global Prayer Network continues to expand, engaging more prayer partners as the unbroken prayer chain continues beyond 100 days. The Pastor Chris Live, year-long, uninterrupted, prayer marathon, complete with spiritual inspiration and input, steers into its 5th consecutive month with increased momentum. Since its inception on January 6th, the prayer chain has remained unbroken, with participants from over 180 nations and territories of the world. For about 3000 hours spanning over the past four months, non-stop prayers have been offered by partners of the Pastor Chris Live Global Prayer Network, yielding eminent results in favor of the Gospel, across the world.

Month 5, Day 125

The 125-day old prayer program has already birthed a plethora of testimonies. Individuals, institutions and nations have experienced the miraculous intervention of God in their health, economies, families and daily affairs. Amid the turbulence of an ongoing global crisis, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has prevailed, impacting over 3 billion people all around the world, consequent on the incessant prayers of the saints. Many have testified to the experience of an upsurge in their earnest desire for prayer, fellowship with God and absolute love for the things of God. Several nations are also winning the fight against the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Nations, states and cities locked down as a measure to combat the spread of the virus are beginning to open up. Ultimately, God’s purpose concerning the earth is coming to fruition while the plots of Satan against the church and the world are aborted. Indeed, these remarkable positive changes in the world have been made possible, by the fervent, continuous and effectual prayers of the saints. With billions of online participants from across the globe, Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris is reaching and transforming many lives and homes. Myriads of testimonies have poured in, telling of the impact of the Word of God and the move of His Spirit.

”Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.” [Romans 12:11] We’re 125 days into our non-stop prayer chain and saints of God the world over remain yielded to the spirit of prayer, in all fervor and passionate dedication! With an army like this, the forces of darkness stand no chance!

Testimonies of gratitude

Testimonies keep pouring in to tell of the indelible impact the ‘Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris’ has had in the lives of millions around the world. Gabriela Rus from Romania shared, saying, “I participated in every broadcast of Your Loveworld with my mother and we have been tremendously blessed to have received so much teaching, light and clarity from the Word of God. I’d never really understood the book of Revelations before Pastor Chris enlightened us during Your Loveworld. We have been greatly strengthened in faith and encouraged in the midst of this state of tension, confusion and fear worldwide. By listening to Pastor Chris, I understood how things are in the spiritual, and what our position should be as members of the body of Christ. We are glad we had the opportunity and the privilege to fast and pray with saints around the world.”

“Thank you Pastor Chris. I love you dearly.” Gabriela Rus

Join the Global Impact

Join millions of Christians around the world to effect positive changes and establish the will of God concerning the earth through prayers. Become a prayer partner with the Pastor Chris Live Global Prayer Network. Download KingsChat from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and follow Pastor Chris Live SuperUser at to receive daily prayer posts sent out by Pastor Chris.

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