LoveWorld Launches WordFest 2020; a Feast on God’s Word

WordFest 2020 was designed to immerse you in an atmosphere of faith through the Word and help you create a habit of consistent meditation on the Word. It’s the perfect time to saturate your heart with God’s Word, during these unprecedented times worldwide. Embark on a journey of truth as you equip yourself with the necessary tools to build a Word habit. From Monday the 4th of May till Sunday the 7th of June, LoveWorld will celebrate a special festival of meditation on God’s Word.

How Does It Work?

This unique program will allow already existing and new subscribers free access to the Pastor Chris Digital Library (PCDL), which contain faith-building messages by the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome. Each day subscribers will have exclusive access to watch, listen to and meditate on a selected message, featured on the Pastor Chris Digital Library. A comprehensive and well researched study guide is also available for easy understanding of the message of the day. The WordFest is a timely intervention aimed at building up and strengthening the faith of God’s people in these difficult times. There is no better time to feast on God’s Word than in these days when the world is faced with a barrage of daunting challenges and desperately in need of a lasting solution. WordFest 2020, is the answer as only God’s Word is guaranteed to proffer lasting solutions to all human problems.

5 Simple Tips:

Make the most out of your WordFest 2020 experience by following these simple tips:

  1. Listen or watch the day’s WORD Fest message on your PCDL App or by using the website:
  2. Complete the exercises in this week’s WordFest study manual –
  3. Use the following link to create your own avatar and inspire others to do the same –
  4. Post your unique avatar on Kingschat using the hashtags #WORDFEST #WORDFEST2020 #WORDATWORK 
  5. Encourage your friends and family to do the same
Day1: “The Lost Presence”

Get on this bandwagon and be inundated with God’s Word which provides you divine immunity to every form of danger. Download the Pastor Chris Digital Library app today, from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to participate effectively in #WordFest2020. Spread the word; invite everyone in your sphere of contact to do the same and watch your life and the lives of your loved ones soar above the systems of the world. Stay tuned to LoveWorld News and also follow the Pastor Chris Digital Library for more exclusive updates.

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