Another Successful Healing Crusade Concluded with Pastor Chris

The Healing School, the healing ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, takes the Gospel of Jesus and divine healing to the nations of the world with the Healing Streams live Healing Services.

The Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris is an online global phenomenon designed by the Holy Spirit to bring divine blessings to so many lives in countless ways. This program is streamed via the Internet and on various terrestrial and satellite TV and radio stations all over the world.

So far billions of people have been tremendously blessed by the power of God through healing miracles, salvation in Christ Jesus, and spiritual endowments. We have just concluded the third edition of the year, which was highly successful, reaching far and wide across the world.

Many people have had opportunities to participate in the life-changing Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris and receive healing in their lives and bodies. Thanks to partners of the Healing Streams all over the world, who have committed to taking healing to the ends of the earth.

Senior ministers in the Healing School read out testimonies sent in from around the world of those having received their miracles as Pastor Chris ministered.

The lame now walk, blind eyes see, cancers have been canceled, and failed organs have received new life; the power of God swept across nations and territories of the world and healed multitudes of their infirmities during the just-concluded Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris.

Healing Miracles Flood in

Testimonials of supernatural encounters and divine interventions have flooded in continuously from those who have participated in these Live Healing Services since its inception in 2020.

A Dead Man was raised back to life in Ghana during the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris this weekend.

Veska Toncheva is one of many who have witnessed this awesome power of God. For 32 years, Veska had to wear special shoes because one of her legs was shorter than the other, following a car accident in 1988. She heard of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris, where she registered, participated wholeheartedly, and received a miracle as the man of God, Pastor Chris, ministered healing in the Name of Jesus.

Elisiva Falekaono was deaf for 17 years. This made communication and getting through each day a difficult task. She needed constant support from her family. This was her condition until she took a step of faith and participated in the Healing Streams Live Healing Services last year in October. She touched her ears while Pastor Chris prayed and they popped open. Her hearing is perfect now.

Pastor Antonina Boltersdorf from Ukraine testifies, “For about a week, I had this pain in my shoulders, spine, and hand. The pain was so much that I couldn’t even lift my hands to pray. As we worshiped during the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, I suddenly discovered I could lift my hands freely without pain. The pain is completely gone. My spine, my shoulders, and my hands are back to normal.”

What does next month bring?

Pastor Chris just announced the dates for the next Global Day of Prayer slated for Friday, December 2nd through to Saturday, December 3rd. Begin to make preparations now and watch this space for more updates.

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