Step into the ISM Global Ministers Classroom with Pastor Chris

For the first time this year, the ‘Year of Redemption‘, we will hold the Global Ministers’ Classroom (GMC). This remarkable initiative is hosted by the International School of Ministry (ISM), led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Since its inception in 2018, the GMC has served as a beacon of unity for ministers of the Gospel worldwide. Transcending denominational boundaries and embracing the rich diversity within the body of Christ. It is a virtual sanctuary where ministers of various roles – be it Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Bishops, Youth Ministers, Church Founders, Lay Ministers, or Ministry Leaders – converge to partake in a collective journey of spiritual enrichment, fellowship, and equipping for effective ministry.

Join Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for the 6th edition of the Global Ministers’ Classroom.

The 6th Edition of GMC is Coming Your Way

Now embarking on its 6th edition, the International School of Ministry’s Global Ministers Classroom continues to uphold its mission of empowering ministers with divine knowledge and grace for impactful service. In a challenging world, the GMC stands as a bastion of strength, offering a platform for ministers to fortify their spiritual foundations. Here, they can renew their zeal for evangelization and navigate the complexities of contemporary ministry with wisdom and discernment.

The GMC is open to all who bear the noble mantle of ministry leadership – church leaders, pastors, ministry executives, staff, and volunteers. Regardless of your role or geographical location, the GMC beckons you to join this global congregation of ministers, where boundaries dissolve and hearts unite in pursuit of a common vision: the advancement of God’s Kingdom on earth.

What sets the ISM Global Ministers Classroom apart is not merely its virtual format but the depth and breadth of its content. Through a curated blend of teachings, testimonies, and interactive sessions, participants are immersed in a transformative experience that transcends the confines of time and space. At the heart of this experience lies the unwavering commitment to equip ministers with practical insights, spiritual strategies, and an outpouring of divine grace for the work of ministry.

An Opportunity to Learn from Pastor Chris

Central to the GMC experience is the opportunity to engage directly with Pastor Chris himself, a revered teacher and mentor whose insights have illuminated countless lives worldwide. In addition to Pastor Chris, participants will have the privilege of learning from seasoned ISM lecturers and senior ministers, whose collective wisdom and experience serve as guiding beacons for the journey ahead.

The GMC is more than a mere event; it transcends individual agendas and denominational affiliations, uniting ministers in a shared pursuit of God’s Kingdom agenda. Through technology, the GMC extends its reach to every corner of the globe, ensuring that no minister is left behind, no voice goes unheard, and no heart remains untouched by the Gospel’s transformative power.

As a participant in the ISM Global Ministers Classroom, you can expect

A renewed focus on the mission and purpose of the church, aligning your ministry efforts with God’s eternal agenda for redemption and reconciliation.

Strategic insights for navigating the complexities of ministry in the end times, equipping you to discern the signs of the times and seize the opportunities for Kingdom advancement.

Networking opportunities with millions of ministers of the Gospel from diverse backgrounds and cultures, fostering collaboration, mutual support, and Kingdom synergy.

But the GMC is more than just a series of teachings and interactive sessions; it is a divine encounter—a moment ordained by God to transform lives and birth destinies. As you participate in this landmark event, prepare to be enveloped by God’s tangible presence, stirred by the prophetic word, and propelled into new dimensions of faith, authority, and impact.

Join us in the ISM Global Ministers Classroom—where ministers are empowered, lives are transformed, and destinies are fulfilled. Let us rise to the challenge of our times, united in purpose and unwavering commitment to the Great Commission.

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