Spiritual lifting at the Higher Life Conference 2017, London

Praise the Lord! We were absolutely amazed! Last month, was an explosion of miracles. It all took place in the O2 Arena in London, UK over three days this past September (8-10, Sep 2017). By the miraculous power of God, by his spirit. The man of God, Reverend Dr. Chris was live for the High Life Conference 2017. I would like to thank Pastor Chris, from the bottom of my heart, for the opportunity to be there, participate and witness the works of the Lord. It was an event with an atmosphere where anything was possible. The man of God through this conference has left an incredible mark that will be evident on the whole of Europe for years to come. The conference was a source of inspiration, spiritual lifting and even healing! I have never experienced the move of the spirit of God so strong in this nation. Ministers preformed in song, dance and spoken word all in the name of Jesus. Causing the thousands to experience the supernatural.

First of all the man of God, Pastor Chris, came on stage and began to teach specifically about the Holly spirit. He was emphasizing the fact that the Holy Spirit is a PERSON that we can have a relationship with, and how important this relationship is. It was wonderful when he was ministering the word of God, people were already opening their hearts to receive his miracles. People all of a sudden were healing through the power of the Lord. The lane began to walk, blind eyes were opened and deaf ears began to hear.

There was one lady that came all the way from Columbia and she couldn’t walk for years! And suddenly she started walking. There were so many miracles that took place and so many lives that were changed forever. We were are so grateful from the bottom of our hearts.

 “Some of you are in the wrong job, even in the wrong house, living in the wrong city, it doesn’t make any difference. Your life will not change until you know the Holy Spirit. Then he will lead you into God’s perfect will for your life!”

(Pastor Chris)


When God’s people pray for a nation, God sends them a man of God, a prophet of their time. The man of God, Pastor Chris, is the man of God for our time. And London, the UK and Europe will never be the same again!

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