Get ready for LIMA 2017!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s almost a month away. It feels like just last week I was at the 2016 LIMA awards, praising the Lord while enjoying one of the best concert events of the year. LIMA is the LoveWorld International Music & Arts awards occurring on an annual basis. This year, it will be held on November 19 in Lagos, Nigeria and I just can’t wait!

All the artists are not only extremely talented individuals but they do so in the name of Jesus Christ. I find that every event of my life becomes a more meaningful and spiritual experience when God is praised and placed in center stage. One of my favorite artists last year and by far a true Gospel inspiration is Sinach. Sinach is a long member of the Christ Embassy with hits that far reach the denomination. Thus it is no surprise that she won songwriter of the decade in the 2016 LIMA awards. Aside from her calmingly deep and beautiful voice, as a believer, it is so easy to relate to all her songs thanks to their Christ praising theme. As Sinach sings in one of her most popular songs Way Maker: “You are the answer to it all, Jesus”.

Sinach – Way Maker

Another memorable award that was given last year was to the artist Eben. He won hit song of the year with Victory. Eben originally started off as a rapper but now focuses on singing for the most part. Just like the rest of the artists in the LIMA event, his songs focus on spreading the message of Jesus our savior doing so with swag and style only a true believer can achieve. “Come and see what the Lord has done for me…he has given me victory”

Eben – Victory

Along with all the talented artists was Rev. Chris cheering them on and affirming the importance of Gospel music in our world today. His mere presence was an inspirational and pivotal moment in my life and the many others that attended the event. These types of events affirm the importance of the Christ Embassy and the Healing School. It’s hard these days to find places that support young and experienced singers that take upon themselves to spread the Gospel of Jesus. But at LIMA preaching for Christ is the norm making the whole experience a spiritual lifting event in the lives of attendees.


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