Receive Great Insights and Guidance of the Spirit with Pastor Chris at the New Season of Your LoveWorld Specials

The 5-day extraordinary program has taken to the airwaves. Your LoveWorld Specials with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome began an all-new, fresh season yesterday. Season 6, Phase 1, Day 1 saw the global participation of millions of people around the world.

“The Lord is doing something special around the world today and there’s a shift in the realm of the Spirit. I want to bring you up to date with some things that have happened recently and what those things mean in the Kingdom of God,” Pastor Chris remarked, enjoining all to participate in the broadcast. It’s going to be an extraordinary time in the presence of the Lord with eye-opening revelations, heartfelt worship, earnest prayers, and answers to mind-boggling questions, dispelling all forms of doubt.

Pastor Chris delivered a message of hope to the audience as he emphasized the need for truth to prevail. Our Highly Esteemed President of the LoveWorld Nation revealed the truth of God’s Word to us during the session. He spoke of building lives through God’s eternal Word.

“It doesn’t matter the ideology the world tries to pass across, the prophetic has been stated, this thing goes in one direction only, We Win” ~ Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris also talks about enlarging our spiritual forcefield with the Word, which makes us stronger and impenetrable. He tells us to condition our spirit with the Word for maximum growth, we are to meditate on God’s Word continuously to make us bold, and fearless. We are able to dispel all our fears by altering our spirit with His Word.

Work, War, and Walk of Christianity

In today’s Rhapsody of Realities, Pastor Chris tells us that “we have the work of Christianity, the war of Christianity, and the walk of Christianity. For the work of Christianity, the Lord has made tools available for us to effectively carry out His work.

In reconciling men to God, we need to know where the people are and how to reach them. This clear description determines the kind of tools we use for our evangelical work, such as the different strategic outreaches we organize to reach people where they are, etc.

We’re in a spiritual warfare; we actively carry out onslaughts against the forces of darkness that try to resist us as we deliberately win souls into the Kingdom. Our tools or weapons of war are determined by the description and understanding of the adversary.

For our Christian walk, which refers to the everyday activities of our Christian life through which we relate with one another and relate with God, we don’t need “tools.” When you’re born again, living the Christian life is the most natural thing to do with your new nature in Christ. It’s natural for us to walk in the light of who we are in Christ and in our heritage in Him.”

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