Fight the good fight in the ‘Month of Meditation’ says Pastor Chris

As the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announced the word of the month for August at the Global Communion Service, he explained what we had to do this month.

“This month you are going to meditate on God’s Word and in the months following, the results will begin to show” — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Addressing the audience, Pastor Chris said: “This month of August is the ‘Month of Meditation’. You are about to spread abroad, make such advancement that cannot be denied, make such progress in your life that cannot be denied, but the secret is what we do this month… meditate, it’s a month of meditation.”

He went on to say: “You are going to focus your mind on the Word, you’re going to talk the Word, think the Word, mutter the Word, confess the Word. You will meditate in the daytime, you will meditate in the nighttime, soak your spirit with the Word of God.”

As our man of God shares the Word in this month of meditation, the Light of God’s Word will shine in the hearts of men.

Reading from Joshua 1:8 and 1 Timothy 4:15, Pastor Chris admonished the global saints to imbibe the word of God, day and night throughout the month. He posited that conscious meditation on the Word will spur the saints to act accordingly and undoubtedly set themselves on a prosperous path and lasting success.  “Think, talk, and confess the Word of God this month, soak your spirit with God’s Word; this is what you have to do if you’re going to see advancement in life,” Pastor Chris remarked.

“God’s word will build us, it will make our way prosperous and we’ll have good success as we keep talking it.” Pastor Chris explained the steps of meditation, saying that there are three different levels to meditate; See, Mutter, Roar!

Three Levels of Meditation

  1. Quietly ponder over what you have studied, or what you are reading, or the Word of God that has inspired you. Sit down and silently set your mind on it, thinking through it, and let it fill your thoughts for the moment.
  2. Muttering, or talking under your voice, talking silently without disturbing anybody sitting next to you.
  3. Talking out loud for the purpose of drowning other thoughts in your consciousness. At this moment your intention is to let all those things you have meditated upon overrule your mind.

Continue to Search for Truth

As we head into a new fresh season of Your LoveWorld Series with Pastor Chris we are ready to delve into further truths from God. This is the first phase of season 6, starting today 15th of August, and will be broadcast live every day until Friday, the 19th of August at 7:00 pm GMT+1 daily.

“Begin living the life you want to live, by the power of God. God is showing you a greater way to live, and better opportunities. God will give you ideas.“ – Pastor Chris

The need for accurate knowledge of God’s Word in correlation with current global events, cannot be over-emphasized. This is the reason for WordFest 2022.

Get ready to be illuminated and inundated with the truth as you feast on the Word daily on the PCDL TV, beginning Monday, August 8th. WordFest 2022 is poised to saturate the nations with the truth. Pastor Chris has emphasized to the nations of the world to search for the truth!

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