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I know that the Holy Spirit has some really incredible things for you today. Second Timothy 1:7 “God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind”

We know that many out there reading this, or watching this show on LoveWorld USA have fear in their heart. You’re afraid of what’s happening with your finances, you’ve been watching the news and you’re concerned for our country in relation to politics. Some of you are fearful because you have some heath concerns, you may be waiting on some medical tests that are soon to come in. Others may have fear because of some of relational challenges, fear in your marriage or even fear for your kids as well. Maybe you’re afraid of some of the choices they’re making. Sarah and Marilyn urge all of you to call in or go to their website so that they can pray for you, so that God can give you a breakthrough.

Marilyn made a point to remind the audience of the mind of Christ. 1st Corinthians 2:16 “We have the mind of Christ”. It doesn’t say that we will have, it doesn’t say we had. Rather, it uses the present tense, we have. Our mind can go back and forth, get confused, but the mind of Christ is stable. It keeps you stable and as you watch the wisdom of this program, you’re hearing the mind of Christ for your life.

On this episode Sarah and Marilyn bring on a special guest, Julie Winter. She is a nurse by training, serves as an elder of Bethel Church on Redding, and just recently was elected to be on the Redding City Council (California). With all that going on she managed to write a book: Renew. She spoke specifically about a sound mind. If you feel unsettled, anxious, depressed or in other words fearful.

One of the topics brought up was joy, an emotion that should be are default to approaching the world. We should wake every morning with the expectation of joy. Joy is the fruit of the Spirit, and the Lord himself is full of joy. Joy is what sets us apart, it makes us a fragrance to a dying world. Joy is a choice.

In Church people are often reluctant to seat treatment, they feel very shameful coming in. But sometimes prayer is not enough on its own, at times seeking medical help is God’s way to heal you. But it is still important to treat the root cause of the fear.

In our minds we always have two trees competing; the tree of faith and the tree of unbelief. One tree will always dominate the other, they don’t grow well together. If you embrace God, the tree of faith, things are going to go well for you.

Julie goes on explaining how through her experience as a medical practitioner and her closeness to God that fear can be overcome. It is a truly inspiring interview. I urge you all to watch both parts (1&2) as well as purchase her new book.

God Bless

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