A Couple of Messages From the Man of God, Pastor Chris – IPPC 2017

“The Church Should Be Pulled Out Of the Old Testament Mentality” – Pastor Chris

It was a beautiful sight to behold when the President of Believers Loveworld, our beloved Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome met with the Pastors and Ministers for the first time during IPPC 2017. Shouts of joy thundered across the entire auditorium as he took time to teach another phenomenal message from the scriptures.

He informed the delegates that we are heirs of the Father and therefore should not be praying that the Lord will touch us as this is the Old Testament mentality since the Ministers in the Old Testament experienced the anointing once in a while and intermittently. They were not filled with the spirit like the new creation in Christ.

Delving further into the message, the Man of God reminded the esteemed delegates that Jesus Himself said that you will see the heavens open and angels ascending and descending and he juxtaposed that with the experience Jacob had regarding the ladder in the Old Testament.

Drawing from Ephesians 2:18, Pastor declared that through Him, Jesus, we have access, like a passcode for access of a privileged members of a group or organization. The hall erupted once again when he proclaimed that the Holy Spirit is our access and that we have access to the father’s presence. We are fellow citizens. We’re not strangers and foreigners. Looking intently at the Ministers with his eyes full of love and the power of God permeating the whole arena, Pastor Chris told them more.

“How I wish to God that we will take more seriously what we have in Christ…. they know not, neither do they understand, they walk on in darkness. I refuse to be ignorant. I want to walk in the wisdom of God. I’m resolved to. I made up my mind a long time ago. I’m an heir of God”.

“You Have a Great Church When People Are Filled With the Holy Ghost” – Pastor Chris

Dwelling on the importance of the Holy Spirit in us, Pastor Chris stated that we should be conscious of the One that lives in us, the Holy Spirit. He submitted that we should be filled with the Spirit and that we can’t be filled with the Holy Spirit without being conscious of Him. He then asked the Pastors and Ministers that were aptly listening to him to imagine how the church will be if we are filled always with the Holy Spirit.

“Everything always works when you’re full of the Holy Ghost. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, the wall will fall for you when you push it. If it doesn’t, then, close your eyes, speak in tongues, refuse to recognize the wall, match towards it come through on the other side.”

At this point, not even a single delegate was on their seats. In continuation of the message, our Man of God, Pastor Chris, informed the delegates that some spiritual gifts make a Christian strong, strengthened and established.

What a great event the IPPC is for connecting to Jesus our Lord. I feel thankful that I can be a part of this amazing conference and be one with a community full of likeminded believing Christians.

God Bless!

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