Prayer Guide for Monday, November 13th, 2017

With the IPPC starting today it is only fitting to begin this amazing experience with the prayer of the day. I never feel like the day has really started before I take the time and connect with the Lord above. It is a way to reflect on the day to come, make sure your day is focused on the good and not any negative aspects. And it is especially important if you in attendance at the conference. Before starting any large scale spiritual journey it is vital to reflect on your own with God. Try and see how you as an individual can contribute to the IPPC community as a whole. In the Christ Embassy community giving back is a central part of elevating faith. We do this by volunteering, tithing and praying together to the Lord.

Roman 15:29 – “And I am sure that, when I come unto you, I shall come in the fullness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ”

Pray especially for our dear man of God, Pastor Chris; declare that he’ll continually be a conduit of God’s power and grace in these last days. Thank God for His ever-increasing grace upon him, and declare that he ministers the Word with boldness to strengthen, encourage and guide God’s people in the light of the Father’s perfect will and plan their lives.

Pray concerning all the plenary sessions with our man of God; declare that these meetings will launch us into higher realms of glory and everyone will be able to comprehend and receive all of the blessings, as faith is stirred in their hearts to perceive deeper things of the spirit.

Framing Your Aion

I affirm that this is my season of exaltation! I am like a city that is set on the hill that cannot be hidden. I am visible; well positioned, and the Spirit of God is magnifying my voice around the nations of the world. I can never be small because the anointing of God’s Spirit has set me apart for greatness, causing me to spread and make progress on every side, to the glory of the Father. Hallelujah! The anointing of the Holy Ghost is at work in every fiber of my being, is at work in my ministry, career, finances, academic, family, and all that concerns me. Hallelujah!

I hope the prayer of the day and this week of the IPPC will bring you all closer to Jesus Christ. November 2017 is the month of exaltation. A month of intensifying our well-being and uplifting the power of our community. It is important to raise to a new level, praise the Lord and feel the refreshing new beginning of the 2017 IPPC.

God Bless!

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