Pastor Chris Interviews US Ambassador David Friedman to Discuss the Miraculous Position of Israel

WATCH: Exclusive Interview with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman discussing peace, human rights, and the US Embassy

It’s been only one year since the historical and momentous day that the United States of America recognized Jerusalem to be the official capital of Israel. This was a day that will surely echo in eternity, as it has kick-started international support and discussion surrounding God’s chosen Nation. Our beloved Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was one of the many honorable guests in attendance at this symbolic event that emphasized the strong relationship between the US and Israel.

Now, one year later, Pastor Chris was in Israel again with an incredible opportunity to sit and talk with US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. Ambassador Friedman was appointed by current US President Donald Trump at the start of 2017, making him the first bilateral ambassador to be appointed during President Trump’s administration.

Pastor Chris Interviewing David Friedman US Amb to Israel

In this exclusive interview, the glory of God is revealed as these two influential leaders discuss the miraculous strength and positioning of the Holy Land. Pastor Chris begins the interview by asking Ambassador Friedman what changes have taken place since the move of the embassy last May. His response was full of hope towards the mission for peace and prosperity in Israel:

“…I think it’s been a very successful year and, you know, I thank God that we were able to have that first year in peace, tranquility, success, outreach to people of all faiths and to really, I think, present the President’s mission towards Israel, towards the Jewish world, the Christian world, the Muslim world in the best possible light.”

These are important times of our history and nothing comes as a coincidence to God. The authority of Israel, as in all of heaven and earth is His alone. He commands all of humanity in His Word to bless the nation of Israel, as we read in many places throughout both the Old and New Testament.

Pastor Chris Asking David Friedman Questions In Interview
“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they that love thee shall prosper. Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. For my brethren and companions’ sakes, I will say now, peace be within thee. For the sake of the House of the Lord our God I will seek thy good.” Psalm 122

The chance to discuss international affairs with some of the highest officials in the field is only an anointing God can give someone. We are overwhelmed with God’s grace that He has chosen our own Man of God Pastor Chris, to bring His Word and promises to the forefront of World’s understanding. As the two men discuss the resilient nature of Israel, the miraculous hand of God remains in the spotlight.

Pastor Chris Interviewing David Friedman US Amb to Israel Speaking About Jerusalem

As Pastor Chris continued, he asked Ambassador Friedman to share his thoughts regarding Israel as a whole. Ambassador Friedman responded:

“Well, there’s a lot to discuss. Maybe in the simplest terms – Israel is a miraculous country. When you think of the challenges that it faces, the enemies on its border – whether it’s Syria, Lebanon, Gaza – enemies close to its border like Iran. all the instability, all the terrorist groups that threaten it – the fact that it’s able not just to survive, but to maintain its strength, maintain its security, develop a world-class economy – you know one of the best in the world – be a leader in cyber defense and high technology – this is, frankly, miraculous.”

A miracle, indeed! We praise God for His continuous blessing over the LoveWorld Nation, the man of God Pastor Chris, and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman. May God’s hand of protection continue to lay on the holy land of Israel, as the nations continue to pray for her peace and prosperity.

US Ambassador to Israel gives final words:

“The most important message is we can talk about Israel for hours, it’s nothing like being here. Israel is now seeing about 4 million tourists a year. That’s more than double than what they were seeing a couple of years ago. People are coming here, they’re seeing the beauty of it, the miracle of it, the power of walking the lands of the Bible, walking where Moses walked, walking where Jesus walked. I shouldn’t say Moses, Moses never got to Israel, but Joshua walked, where Jesus walked, where Samuel walked. It’s very powerful. There’s nothing like being here. And to see how Israel makes it all work and accommodates all the faiths, all the faith-based tourists in a way that’s so welcoming. I think it’s a transformational experience. I would encourage everybody to come.”

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