Pastor Chris Declares May the ‘Month of Prophecy’

Welcome to May, our ‘Month of Prophecy’. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announced the new month at the recently concluded Global Communion Service, saying, “This month, you’re going to prophesy, you’re going to speak into the heavenlies, you’re going to saturate the spiritual atmosphere with God’s word.”

With these words, May is anointed as the ‘Month of Prophecy’, igniting a flame of anticipation and empowerment among believers worldwide.

“This month, you are going to prophesy; God is going to put His word in your mouth,” Pastor Chris told the global audience.

Biblical Reference to the ‘Month of Prophecy’

Drawing from profound biblical references, Pastor Chris showed the potency of prophecy in shaping realities. Referencing Ezekiel’s visionary encounter in Ezekiel 37:1-17, he elucidated how the prophet’s words, spoken under divine instruction, transformed the natural realm in alignment with the spiritual. Pastor Chris reflected that it was God’s saints’ responsibility to maintain peace on earth. Pastor Chris reminds us that God has put us here to keep the peace. We are to keep the world the way God wants it. The lesson resonates deeply: through prophecy, believers possess the power to influence and manifest God’s will on earth.

A Breakdown of Ezekiel 37 by Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris draws from the biblical reference of Ezekiel 37 to explain the meaning behind the ‘Month of Prophecy’.

Ezekiel 37:1-7:
“Valley” is described as a plain. In the spirit, the Prophet Ezekiel was made to move around this wide Valley full of dry bones. These dry bones became corpses when he prophesied to the bones. Verses 5-6 : Look at the content of the prophecy.

In Verse 8: There was still no breath in them. Verse 9: He was told to prophesy the second part of it. The same word for breath is the same for wind or spirit. In the verses 10 – 11: The bones were symbolic for the whole house of Israel. The verses 12-14 continue: He is going to bring them back from Captivity into the Land of Israel; what was seemingly a hopeless situation. The biblical reference continues with verses 15-22: He uses symbolism here for the nations of Israel and Judah.

“I’m sharing this with you because this month is the ‘Month of Prophecy’,” affirmed Pastor Chris. You’re going to prophesy. God is going to put His Word in your mouth. You’ll speak words about your family, future, nation, and the world, and they’ll come to pass.” With these words, he implored the global congregation to wield the gift of prophecy fervently, shaping destinies and invoking divine intervention.

“This month, you’ll prophecy…”

The Global Communion Service flowed with prayers and prophetic declarations, culminating in praise and thanksgiving. Amidst the celebration, a profound sense of purpose pervaded the atmosphere as believers embraced their roles as agents of divine prophecy in a world hungry for hope and transformation.

As we embark on this sacred journey through the ‘Month of Prophecy’, let us remember our divine mandate: to speak forth God’s word with unwavering faith and conviction. May our words resound with power and authority, birthing miracles, healing, and restoration in every sphere of life.

Congratulations to all LoveWorld citizens as we welcome the ‘Month of Prophecy’. May our voices unite in harmony with the divine, ushering forth a new era of fulfillment and divine manifestation. In the words of Pastor Chris, “This month, you are going to prophesy. God is going to put His word in your mouth. Speak forth with boldness and certainty, for the heavens await your decree.”

Exciting Times in the ‘Month of Prophecy’

We are excited to welcome a new phase of  ‘Your LoveWorld Specials with Pastor Chris‘. This week, we will be fasting and praying from Wednesday, May 8th, to Friday, May 10th.

We participate fully in Your Loveworld Specials Season 9 Phase 4 with Pastor Chris.

The three-day telecast will commence daily at 7:00 pm (GMT+1) and will be broadcast live on all Loveworld Networks and social media platforms.

This is another wonderful opportunity to receive informative teachings and instructions from the Spirit to rid our world of deception.

Pastor Chris has been expounding the book of Revelation and will unveil more information in the upcoming edition of Your LoveWorld Specials.

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