Embrace the New Month with Pastor Chris: A Global Communion Service Experience

The April Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome promises to be a beacon of spiritual enlightenment and renewal for countless souls worldwide.

Mark your calendars and prime your hearts, for a divine encounter awaits. It is scheduled for this Sunday, April 6th, at 3:00 pm (GMT+1).

The April Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome promises to be a beacon of spiritual enlightenment and renewal for countless souls worldwide.

April 2023 was the ‘Month of Lights’

Last year, amidst joy and excitement, Pastor Chris declared April the ‘Month of Lights‘, igniting a fervent dedication among his followers. Reflecting on his previous proclamation, he emphasized the significance of prayer for the nation and urged vigilance among the faithful.

“This month, we are going to light up the darkness,” Pastor Chris passionately preached.

“We are ablaze for God, shining and burning everywhere. We are shining lights, changing our world with words of power on our lips.”

With eyes set on the forthcoming announcement, congregants prepare to embrace a new spiritual journey guided by the profound teachings of their revered leader.

A new quarter begins with Pastor Chris in the ‘Year of Redemption’

Having bid farewell to March, the ‘Month of Formations’, where believers were uplifted and transformed through powerful gatherings and teachings, we stand on the threshold of a new chapter in God’s grand design. The question lingers: What does the Almighty have in store for His beloved in the coming month? This query fuels our eagerness to partake in this momentous occasion.

The event will be broadcast live across LoveWorld Networks and various internet platforms, including Ceflix.

This global gathering transcends geographical boundaries, uniting believers in the monthly Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris. At 3:00 pm (GMT +1), souls from every corner of the earth will converge in spirit, ready to receive the divine impartations.

Divine Wisdom with Pastor Chris

Under the anointed guidance of Pastor Chris, a vessel of divine wisdom and illumination, attendees will be led on a journey of spiritual discovery and revelation.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s will for His people in the new month will be unveiled, illuminating pathways of purpose and blessing.

This sacred assembly is not merely a ceremonial observance but a profound communion with the very essence of divine grace. Hearts will unite in fervent prayer, voices will rise in musical worship, and souls will be uplifted by sharing the Holy Communion—a sacred act of remembrance and communion with the Savior.

As we partake in this sacred ritual, let us open our hearts wide to receive the divine blessings and guidance that await us in the month of April.

Let us approach this Global Communion Service with reverence, expectation, and a hunger for the profound truths that will be revealed.

The Word of the Month

Each month presents a new thread, weaving together the story of our journey with God. As we step into April, let us do so with hearts ablaze with faith, minds attuned to the whispers of the Spirit, and souls anchored in the steadfast love of our Creator.

Together, let us embrace the dawn of a new month with Pastor Chris, for in his presence, we find illumination, inspiration, and the boundless grace of our Heavenly Father. May this Global Communion Service be a catalyst for divine transformation, ushering in a season of unprecedented blessings and breakthroughs for all who partake.

Prepare your hearts, dear friends, for the journey ahead is filled with promise and purpose. Let us gather together in unity and anticipation, ready to embrace the wonders that await us in the month of April and beyond.

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