June is the Month of Prayer and Praise

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome revealed the word of the month of June at the recently concluded Global Communion Service. The Man of God asked all the pastors who shared the stage with him before turning to the choir to guess what the name of the month would be.

Considering that the month of June has been themed “The Month of Prayer” in recent years and more recently, last year was called the “Month of Prayer and Unending Praise” by the man of God, everybody guessed it would contain “prayer” and “praise”.

June is also a very strategic month as it launches us into the second half of the ‘Year of the Prolific Church’. It will also be a time to build up your faith and dispel fear – anchoring the truth of God’s Word from the Church to the ends of the Earth as we prepare our world for the second advent of our Lord Jesus Christ and the rapture of the Church.

“June is the ‘Month of Prayer and Praise’”, Pastor Chris announced at Global Communion Service. “This month of June is the Month of Prayer and Praise.” He explained the uniqueness of the month of June and how the Lord has taken us a step further, Pastor Chris prophetically declared that praise, prayer, and prophecy are what will be coming out of us this month.

“This month, we are praying, praising, and prophesying,” Pastor Chris declared to the global audience.

Our man of God emphasized the essence and true meaning of praise to God, saying: “It means to shoot, cast, throw down in giving thanks, confessing especially worship with extended hands.”

June is the ‘Month of Prayer and Praise’ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announced at the recently concluded Global Communion Service.

Ending the Month of Victory with celebrations

“May was the ‘Month of Victory‘ and now that we are in June it just means that we’ve entered into a season of the celebration of the victories won in May, “Pastor Chris continued to say.

He highlighted the prolific victory recorded by the Israelites who praised the Lord in their battle against the people of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir. While reckoning the global saints to thankfully acknowledge God in praise, Pastor Chris encouraged the saints to praise God in spirit and not fleshly.

Reading from Psalms 149:5-9, the Man of God taught that all the saints of God, who have already been honored by Him, are to actively engage in utter praise to the Lord while speaking the ‘rhema’ of God in prayer and prophecy; executing judgment over all demons and enforcing the Lord’s will in all the nations.

To make the most of the month, Pastor Chris has called for all the members of the congregation to invest one hour every day in prayer, aside from the usual fifteen minutes of prayer time. He also urged the people of God to participate in the ongoing Unending Praise as they pray to honor the ‘Month of prayer and praise’.

The Man of God made some announcements concerning the month ahead, telling us about a new phase of Your LoveWorld Specials Season 7 Phase 5 coming on June 14th to 16th, and the 15th edition of Praise Night on the 11th of June, wrapping up ICLC 2023.

This week will also be the International Cell Leaders Conference 2023 starting on Thursday the 8th of June until Sunday the 11th of June. Get ready to be imparted and impacted with the outpouring of grace at the ICLC 2023. It’s a time of upgrade, training, and the most beautiful gathering of God’s choicest soldiers.


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