Welcome to the ‘Year of the Prolific Church’ with Pastor Chris

Every year the world awaits to hear what prophetic word the year will be named by our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The Global New Year’s Eve Service drew billions of people around the world who anticipated the words from Pastor Chris, which came shortly after midnight.

More than half the world’s population joined the revolutionary watch night service with the man of God which was hosted from the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds in Lagos, Nigeria.

2023 is to be the ‘Year of the Prolific Church’. The Man of God emphasized that the spread of the Church this year will be unstoppable, saying: “The church shall spread throughout the earth unhindered; it shall be as never before experienced. The Church shall proliferate unhindered.”

He continued by saying: “You’re going to be so prolific everywhere in an outstanding way; you’ll see it happening because this is God’s plan.”

Pastor Chris likened the Church to the leaven referred to by Jesus in his parable which spread when it was applied to a dough of bread. He again described the Church as the mustard seed which seems small but grows once it is planted. He emphasized that the Church will multiply unhindered because this is God’s plan for the year.

The man of God rained prophecies into the year, spurring the global congregation to be bold and show gratitude for the awesome testimonies wielded throughout the past year. Having overcome all the sinister plots of the adversary, the church is braced to offer praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for all His wondrous works.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declared that 2023 will be the ‘Year of the Prolific Church’.

Pastor Chris’ message for the new year

The message for this year from Pastor Chris was clear: “2023 will be, for many, a final call because it is a year of decisions for the world…This should stir in us the necessity to take the message to all the world.”

He gave us food for thought with 3 important instructions.

Prioritize the Ministry of the Spirit Proverbs 8.20-21

Prioritize the Spirit- you have to prioritize the ministry of the Holy Ghost like you never did in your life before. The Holy Ghost made you, He created you (Job 33:4). He’s the performer Everyone who has received the Holy Ghost must now recognize Him, He wants to talk to you, He wants to teach you. Proverbs 8:20-21- He is the wisdom of God, He is the voice of God that gives you guidance, listen to Him.

Prioritize the Word of God Colossians 1.16

Have the Word in you abundantly, you’ve got to study it, give attention to it, have it in your heart, you want to see something God has not done in your life, you should be ready to do something you have not done before.

Use the Name of Jesus Colossians 1.17

Learn to use the Name. If you want to see your life grow quickly and “big-ly” you’ve got to do it as the Word says. Colossians 3:17 You’d be amazed at the changes that would take place. You’ll be amazed at the results. Your Spirit was created by God. Your outward man was framed by the Holy Spirit.

Recognizing outstanding leadership

As has become a tradition at the Global New Year’s Eve Service, it was a chance to recognize and acknowledge young African champions in a special segment of the service, the Future Africa Leaders’ Award (FALA).

This was also the 10th year of the Future Africa Leaders Foundation, which has continually recognized the efforts of young Africans who take up diverse leadership roles, resolving seemingly insurmountable challenges in academia, agriculture, and different sectors of the economy across Africa.

This special segment has seen highly respected officials including the first female African President, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and former President of the Republic of Nigeria, Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, impart words of encouragement and insight to the young African leaders.

As we bid farewell to 2022, the ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds’ undoubtedly was one to remember. The cloud of the church dominated all other clouds and steered the affairs of the world just as was prophesied by the man of God Pastor Chris.

The grand service concluded with the breaking of bread and drinking of the cup, marking a new beginning and in response to the Word of the Lord Jesus to remember Him with the act.


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