Come Join the Upcoming BLW International Day of Service

Why Participate in the #BLWDayofService?

It’s a celebration of impact rendering your acts of service. It’s your personal expression of gratitude for our man of God, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome and a celebration of the impact his ministry has in your life as an individual.

Your acts of service are a show of gratitude for who the man of God is to you.

  1. Your service is a channel to share God’s love and achieve the #Vision400Mandate.
  2. Rendering service is one way to “pay forward what the man of God has done in your life”.
  3. Rendering service is your personal celebration of the legacy of our man of God in your individual life.

Take a look at this amazing example of teens from Christ Embassy Texas Region as they rolled up their sleeves in service

The day of service for Teens Club Houston started off on a cheesy note (due to the delicious pizza they brought with them). The teens went to Turning Point Centre in Houston Texas to go donate gifts and spend time with the children. Along with this selfless act, the teens brought along lunch. Pizza with enough boxes to go around! Again and again, just like Jesus feeding the multitude except the loaves are garlic crust, and the fish is peperoni topping. Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world; yellow, black and white. He accepts humans from all races and loves us equally. They’re all precious in His sight. And as He is, so are we in this world. We are thankful to Pastor Chris for this opportunity to go out and demonstrate the abundant and ever encompassing love of Jesus Christ. That is within us. All this in celebration of Rev. Chris’s birthday, what a wonderful opportunity indeed.

Are you a leader or member of any of the following groups? If yes, please contact your Coordinating Office for Vital Information to help you make the most of the BLW Intl Day of Service 2017 and participate in these special initiatives:

  1. Children Ministry Day of Service
  2. Teens Ministry Day of Service
  3. Campus Ministry Day of Service
  4. Global Staff Community Day of Service.

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