Happy Birthday Kathy Woghiren: How Old is Pastor Chris’ Sister?

Today we celebrate the great Evangelist Dr Kathy Woghiren Oyakhilome’s birthday. She was born in Nigeria on the 23rd of January 1968, celebrating her 56th birthday.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s sister, Kathy Woghiren, is also the director of LoveWorld Music & Arts Ministry (LMAM) and began her career as a singer in the Children’s Church Choir at the tender age of six.

How old is Pastor Chris’ sister Evangelist Dr Kathy Woghiren Oyakhilome?

Music is an integral part of Worship

Today the highly accomplished gospel singer and songwriter is responsible for many of the major and popular LoveWorld songs, including the Believers LoveWorld anthem. She concludes the anthem with a powerful message that demonstrates her commitment to Christian family values: “Believer’s LoveWorld We are a family of one. My sister is you, you are my brother.”

The involvement of Pastor Chris’ family members in the ministry, and the teachings of the Gospel is truly inspiring. The siblings share a passion for the Word of God, which was instilled in them from the beginning, being born into a spiritual family.

Evangelist Dr Kathy Woghiren’s career has spanned many decades, and she is the cornerstone of the Christ Embassy music and arts arena. Kathy is the Director of the LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry (LMAM) having pioneered the department. She has been instrumental in instilling a love of art and music in the youth of the ministry.

The LoveWorld ministry values music, and in particular gospel music, which is considered to be an integral part of worship. According to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the vision of the LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry was always to “raise ministers who are established in the Word and burning with a passion to reach the world with the gospel in our very unique way; through music and the arts.”

The dedication and hard work that Kathy Woghiren Oyakhilome has displayed consistently over the years has paid off. She has played a significant role in the establishment of the music careers of many popular artists and global superstars.

Kathy is lovingly known as the ‘Mother of Stars’ and believes that it is her God-given talent to empower young, budding artists to achieve their destinies.

Achievements defy all ages

To answer the question: “How old is Pastor Chris’ sister, one is never too old to reach their dreams. Kathy Woghiren was awarded an honorary Doctorate Degree in Music, Film, and Arts from Weldios University last September.

She also received a VIP membership endowed by the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) on the same day.

Pastor Chris celebrated her achievements alongside her, together with the LoveWorld community, demonstrating once more that the ministry is a very loving family with strong Christian values.

Christ Embassy is more than a Church

Led by a charismatic spiritual leader, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a big heart, and cares for all the members of his church like family. With a following of over 13 million people across five continents, this is a vibrant community with the mandate of reaching everyone around the world with the Word of God.

Messages of love and birthday blessings continue to flood in from all over the world:

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