February Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris approaching

As we bring January to an end, we are merely days away from the weekend, and we are anticipating the buildup of the February Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It will be taking place on Sunday, the 5th of February at 4:00 pm (GMT+1). It is always an exciting time of the month when we wait to hear the word of the month. Usually, January gets swept up with the new theme of the year, as it did at the New Year’s Eve Service within our Man of God announced that 2023 will be the ‘Year of the Prolific Church’.

Last year, the ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds’, when Pastor Chris told us that “the clouds of prayer, faith, and expectations would be full and begin to empty themselves upon the earth”, he announced at the February Global Communion Service that February was the ‘Month of Order’.

Pastor Chris explained that God wants His children to bring order into their lives. “Rearrange your priorities and put God first,” he charged the congregation. “What a blessing to know God’s mind concerning the month and to align yourself to walk in His will all through the month!”

The previous year, the ‘Year of Preparation’, we saw Pastor Chris declare the month of February as the ‘Month of Grace’.

Reading from James 4:6 and Hebrews 4:16, Pastor Chris clarified that God gives more grace and not more anointing or double portion anointing as many erroneously crave. “What the Lord is saying is that in the month of February, more grace is being released,” he announced. God’s people received the Word with immense joy having been positioned to experience more grace in every area of their lives throughout February and beyond.

We wait to hear what our Man of God, Pastor Chris will be naming the month of February this year, and what we can expect from the month.

What is still to come

We have a busy schedule coming up as the Man of God announced another Healing Streams live Healing Service with Pastor Chris coming in March, from Friday, the 17th until Sunday, the 19th at 3:00 pm (GMT+1) daily.

This is set to be the first Healing Streams Live Healing Services with the man of God, in 2023, the Year of the Prolific Church. Don’t miss the opportunity to register at www.healingstreams.tv/LHS

It is a time for testimonies and miracles. Ruth testified of divine recovery when everything became perfect. She retells how she had a spiritual attack in 2014 and became sick as a result. She had two miscarriages, and her third pregnancy was stillborn. She lost 60% of her body weight in 3 days and was so weak that she couldn’t stand, sit, walk, or do anything for herself. She couldn’t breathe well and her vision deteriorated.

Ruth visited several hospitals and was diagnosed with kidney inflammation, but the doctors’ attempts to remedy her condition were futile. The man of God, Pastor Chris ministered to her during the Healing School session in 2016 and she became free of all infirmity. Nine months later, she gave birth to her first child. Today, Ruth is a vibrant mother of two beautiful children. What a miracle!

There are new episodes of Healing Streams Testimonies Live being aired at 4:00 PM (GMT+1) this weekend. Send your testimonies or that of someone you know to testimonies@healingstreams.tv

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