Another Call to Pray with Pastor Chris at the Global Day of Prayer

When Pastor Chris Oyakhilome told us at the New Year’s Eve Service at the beginning of this year that the ‘Year of the Prolific Church’ was going to be an upward trajectory of blessings and events, he kept his word.

We have just completed the 7th edition of the highly successful healing crusade, Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris. We witnessed amazing testimonies, prayers, and divine transformations from all over the world.

There were so many miraculous moments to relish that you can now partake in the Healing Streams Festival of Miracles to witness the amazing testimonies, participate in the exciting moments of praise and thanksgiving, and listen to the Man of God, Pastor Chris as he spread the divine healing spirit of God.

Another Call to Pray with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at the Global Day of Prayer.

Testimonies flooded in

Testimony of Precious E from Ottawa Zone, Healed of Endometriosis/Adinometriosis stage 4. The doctors said she had 2.8kg fibroids which resulted in heavy irregular bleeding for weeks at a time with severe levels of pain. Precious had undergone 11 surgeries already. She was healed on day 1.

Young Charis was born with a tumor on his scrotum. As he grew, the tumor grew larger in size, and he experienced excruciating pain as a result. His parents sought medical help and he was scheduled to undergo surgery to remove the tumor, which was set for the 21st of March, 2023, only days after the Healing Streams Live Healing Services. Miracle, Charis’ Father registered his son for the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, and what ensued was a ground-breaking miracle. The man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ministered to Charis, and in one night, the tumor disappeared.

A call to Pray with Pastor Chris

Now we are only days away from the 13th edition of the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris, the time is coming again to fulfill our priestly ministry of prayer and call for God’s mercy upon our nations, calling for blessings and changes in this set time, which we have witnessed before.

Join our Man of God Pastor Chris, and billions of saints across the globe, for the March Global Day of Prayer. Now is the time to get everyone involved, reach out to those you have contact with, and enlist them to participate in this life-changing meeting in this Year of the Prolific Church.

We are going to utter words into the realm of the Spirit to change Nations and situations around the world. We have done so since the inception of this incredible program in March 2020. The world needed help, the hopeless needed hope, the people needed comfort, and Pastor Chris together with Pastor Benny Hinn saw this distress and reached out with an answer; and the Global Day of Prayer was birthed!

The Global Day of Prayer is scheduled to take place from Friday the 24th of March through to Saturday, the 25th of March 2023 from 6:00 pm (GMT+1). This will be a full 24-hour event broadcast live on all LoveWorld Networks, Christ Embassy websites, and social media platforms.

It’s a No-One-Left-Out, all-inclusive meeting, ensure everyone around you participates.

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