Words of Knowledge from Pastor Chris for You

Reverent Chris Oyakhilome has studied the Bible relentlessly. He understands the ins and outs of the scripture like a mother tongue. His insight into the Word of God is an asset to us all in the Christ Embassy denomination and outside of it. Every time I witness Pastor Chris’s gospel I am reminded of the vast knowledge he has to offer believers around the world.

This is why I feel it important to share his take on the scripture of the week/day according to Pastor Chris.

“I want to pray for you now; are you ready? I believe God’s Spirit is God’s answer. No matter what you are asking God for, no matter what it is you need or desire of Him, His Spirit will touch you now and grant your heart’s desire and meet you at the point of your need”

Prayer of healing

Pastor Chris takes the troubles of the sick very seriously. He even founded an entire Healing School for the benefit of those who are lost and can no longer find help from traditional medicine. He uses his unique relationship with the Lord to help heal those that have nowhere else to go.

Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, I pray for everyone who is under the influence of this program right now. I pray that you touch their sick bodies and make them well. I command sickness to depart from them in Jesus’ Name. I pray that they are healed from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet.

Yes, be healed in Jesus’ Name. Be healed in your body, be healed in your bones, and be cleansed in your blood in the Name of Jesus!

Praying for your financial success

I pray for your financial need, receive a miracle – receive that which you’ve asked God for right now in Jesus’ mighty Name. I pray that you will come out of debt, that your needs be supplied by the power of the Spirit of God, in Jesus’ mighty name.

Words of knowledge from the man of God

Someone with a problem has this issue stick with them throughout the day. It needs to be healed. It is possible through the spirit of God, if it touched you, you’re saved. I break the power

The power of the Spirit of God just surged through your being and healed you. Yes, you are free in the Name of Jesus. The back pain has just been healed; the Spirit of God just touched you. Yes, receive healing right now. The Word of God has gone out for your healing, thank you, Lord. What a miracle!

Thank you, Lord. Thank God for touching you. Thank God for healing you. Thank Him for making you whole. Thank Him for the miracle of life.

You are healed! Praise God! Let us know what the Lord has done for you.

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