Winning the Battle for the Night with Faith Blatchford – Recap of an Episode of Today with Marilyn and Sarah

This time spent with Marilyn and Sarah is to their testimony very much led by the Holy Spirit, they’ve prayed about this time about the audience watching, it’s a divine appointment. The Holy Spirit has answers for you with words of encouragement. It will come with answers and solutions, absolute interventions.

Sarah gives the audience an example from a listener that wrote in. This women was stressed out about her car because it needed repairs and she had a boatload of anxiety and worry about that. Have you ever been there? In a similar situation where you go to the mechanic and you’re stressed waiting for the call with the price and in your heart you are worried about the expense, you aren’t sure you can afford the repair. This women called in, instead of just worrying, so that Marilyn and Sarah can pray for her. The women then received a call back from the mechanic receiving good news that it wasn’t major damage after all, and she was able to afford the repair.

God answers prayers whether it’s a little small request, or a large life changing one. Marilyn and Sarah love to pray for you, so if you watch this show live you should definitely call in or go on their website so that they can pray for you to the Lord.

Additionally they had a special guest on today’s show: Faith Blatchford. She wrote this amazing special book titles “Winning the battle for the night”. So many people find themselves not getting their rest, so they don’t function properly. Many times, we don’t even know that we need a pattern for our children. This guest was a delight to listen and watch on the show. Also, Faith speaks in the book of spiritual dreams, and how the night can become quit a blessing in your life instead of a curse.

This book is something both Marilyn and Sarah want you to have so that you can read it and then pass it on to your family and friends. It will be a blessing to you, but most of all getting your sleep pattern in order is very important.


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