Why LoveWorld Believers Are Using #PastorChrisWorthHearing

Once again members of the LoveWorld community stand by their pastor with messages of support on  all social media platforms using the hashtag #PastorChrisWorthHearing as thousands of messages continue to pour in. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has continued to provide hope and relief to thousands of Christians from around the globe during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He has united millions of people in prayer to fight the devastation of this pandemic and provide relief to those in need.

The coronavirus global health crisis has upended economies and threatened to tear the social fabric that binds our society. The pandemic has completely disrupted our way of life now and likely for the foreseeable future. But Pastor Chris has encouraged Christians not to despair, but to seek guidance and sustenance from our Lord and savior. Pastor Chris is the founder and lead pastor of Christ Embassy, also known as LoveWorld Inc., the evangelical megachurch with a strong presence in Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Humanitarian Efforts

One of Pastor Chris’s most prominent messages in his sermons is the tenet of providing charity to those in desperate need and circumstance. Beyond his lessons, the influential pastor’s actions offer a true reflection of his teachings.

The Global Emergency Relief for Pastors and Ministers of the Gospel is one of the  initiatives in Pastor Chris’s multitude of charitable efforts. The first of its kind program is dedicated to aiding pastors left destitute by the COVID-19 pandemic. More recently the InnerCity Mission (ICM) Relief Mission in Lebanon, under the auspices of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI), held prayers in solidarity with the victims of the explosion in Beirut, to help indigent and vulnerable families.

The Global Emergency Relief is just one aspect of Pastor Chris’s efforts to unite Christians worldwide during the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout this difficult time, he has concentrated his efforts on providing for the spiritual needs of all believers, whatever their situation. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Global Emergency Relief Aid has impacted thousands worldwide.

The Impact of Prayer

Prayer is very much a part of the ongoing theme in what Pastor Chris has declared the year of perfection, consisting of a year-long, non-stop global prayer chain led by Pastor Chris which commenced January 6th, 2020, and will continue until January 6th, 2021. This yearlong pray-a-thon and the global prayer services demonstrate Pastor Chris’s ability to unite millions of people around the world in communal faith. Testimonials from participants in the extended prayer-a-thon have demonstrated the power of prayer’s tremendous impact throughout the world.

In his unique teachings of the Bible, Pastor Chris has often cited prayers as a foundational pillar of faith, a vital communication pathway between Christians and God. Prayer offers hope and sustains the soul in times of uncertainty, such as those that lie before us. Many of those standing in solidarity with Pastor Chris have declared that his knowledge of the Word and his commitment to the people have provided them with the insight and enlightenment that has successfully impacted their lives.

LoveWorld Network is the first Christian television network to broadcast internationally live 24/7 from Africa; Pastor Chris’s vast social media presence and the launch of KingsChat, a dedicated LoveWorld social networking app; CeFlix and the Pastor Chris Digital Library (PCDL), which offers a wide selection of audio and video files featuring Pastor Chris’s teachings and blessings allow his followers access to his teachings from anywhere in the world. You can also download the app for Rhapsody of Realities for daily devotionals, as this life guide brings you a fresh perspective from God’s word everyday. It’s no surprise that Pastor Chris has such a loyal and faithful following as he tirelessly endeavors to positively change the world.


Show your support to our ‘Man of God’ by using the hashtag #PastorChrisWorthHearing


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