We Triumph in Prayer Pastor Chris Tells Africa, USA, UK, Canada and Many More Countries Worldwide

Because we prayed, we have preserved our world, awaiting the rapture of the Church. Remarkable changes effected across the globe through fervent prayers. President of the LoveWorld Community, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome told the billions of global viewers at the recently concluded Global Day of Prayer:

“Live a life that brings honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, preach the gospel with your life and all that you have.”

As the 11th edition of the Global Day of Prayer, the third for this ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds‘ came to an end, remarkable changes were affected across the globe. We were gathered all over the world and ready to receive answers and offer praise to God.

Declarations of Faith Abound

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome opened up with a riveting session on Friday, September 23rd. The LoveWorld President set the direction for the over 24-hour prayer marathon that continued through to Saturday, September 24th, with faith-stirring exhortation and prophetic declarations even as he led the saints in prayer for the nations.

The much anticipated September Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris has kicked off with glorious songs of worship to God led by the Loveworld Singers.

The non-stop prayer train continued through all continents of the world with increasing enthusiasm as senior ministers in the LoveWorld Nation and ministers from partnering ministries across the globe took turns to exhort and lead the global congregation in heartfelt prayers to God.

The voices of the saints rose from Nigeria, the United States, Canada, India, Brazil, South Africa, Ghana, Italy, Australia, the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Egypt, and many more.

“Prayer is not our idea; it is His idea. He knows that it works. He told us to do it. It gives Him the right to do what He would not do if you did not pray. Prayer does not change God, but it positions you in a situation where He can respond to you in a way that He would not do otherwise. So, it is our responsibility to pray,” Pastor Chris reminds us constantly.

To this end, prayers were offered for the economic restoration of nations post the COVID-19 pandemic. We joined the Man of God to offer prayers for national leaders, influential lawmakers, against fear and deception, journalists, and media houses.

Prayers were also offered for the sick, the unsaved, children, youths, people who are wrongly incarcerated in prison, and more. As God’s people prayed for changes, glorious prophecies inspired by the Holy Spirit were given by the ministers as they led the congregation in prayers.

God’s General, world-renowned Healing Evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn joined Pastor Chris once again in the Global Day of Prayer with timely instructions and prophetic declarations. He was joined by two other ministers of the Gospel in the United States of America, as they exhorted together and led the global congregation in prayer.

Inspiring documentary videos and the global watch news were also featured, which helped to enlighten the global congregation on current global events and how to take the right stand with God’s Word at these times.

Nuggets of Wisdom from Pastor Chris

Day 1 with Pastor Chris

“It’s been concluded that all they desire is a One-World government, in terms of all religions coming together. How possible is this?”

“What is wrong with One-World Religion? God already told us in the Bible that the One-World religion is headed by Satan and it will the worship of Satan; satanism.”

“They spread fear and chaos, this is why we should not be a part of propagating their evil agenda.”

“Studying the scripture is so important because God has told us everything that we need to know.”

Day 2 with Pastor Chris

On Saturday, our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, read from an assortment of scriptures including, 2 Corinthians 11:3, Genesis 3:13, 2 Timothy 3:13-14, Pastor Chris taught about the need for Christians to be spiritually alert and not fall victim to the deceptions of the Devil.

“You don’t need to struggle to please God. Love Him more than you love yourself because He first loved you and He wants to do for you more than you can imagine.”

“Jesus gave us the legal authority to use His name. Make requests to the Father in the name of Jesus.”

“Satan doesn’t do things by himself, he comes to people to carry them out for him.”

“Jesus was born out of death, the first begotten of the dead. When He came out of death, we resurrected with Him.”

“He doesn’t answer our prayers because of our righteousness, He answers our prayers because He is bound to as our Father.”

“When praying, don’t try to persuade God to hear you. Talk to Him like He heard you.”

Coming up this week

LoveWorld Teens / Youth Ministry 24 hours online prayer conference will be taking place from Friday, the 30th of September till Saturday, the 1st of October, where Code Rabah is activated.

Sunday 2nd of October is the Global Communion Service, where Pastor Chris will reveal the new word of the month of October.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join our Man of God in prayer.

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